Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Scripture Journaling

I discovered a method for introducing visual images into my Bible study last year around this time, and my version of "Scripture Journaling" was born.  As I mentioned in my original post, I use some of the structure and symbols from Sketchnotes to organize my thoughts about the Bible passages I am reading. 

Recently, I began reading through the Bible along with Courtney over at Women Living Well.  We started in the Book of Esther in September, then jumped into some letters from Peter and John in the New Testament.  When she headed into Genesis in October, I decided to pause and go back to Peter and John's letters, taking some time to re-read them and "scripture journal" about them.

I started with this:
I use the New International Version as my preferred translation.
Then I moved on to this:
I use the SOAP method to write out notes during my Bible study.
And then I come out with this:
A finished page in my visual scripture journal
I enjoy the final result of my scripture journaling efforts; simply put, the pages look neat!  But the real value in putting them together is in looking closely at the Bible passage and determining how the ideas relate and how they can be represented both visually and with words.  Then, when I go back and read the Bible chapter again, looking at my journal alongside it, I can better understand the scripture and what it is saying to me.
A closer look at part of a page about 1 Peter 1
Still in 1 Peter 1, verses 10 through 14
As I've delved more deeply into the idea of scripture journaling, and added more and more pins to my Scripture Journaling Pinterest board, I have discovered that I am far from alone in introducing symbols and images into my Bible study.  There is even a Facebook community for our Journaling Bible Community, which I am just beginning to explore.
The whole journal page for 1 Peter 1:10-22
The whole journal page for 1 Peter 1:24-2:7
Here are some additional sites that I have discovered where people are putting their own twist on scripture journaling:

Not Just Any Bee:  Doodle Art Blog http://polly-wollydoodle.blogspot.com/
Scripture Art Journal:  http://scriptureartjournal.blogspot.com/
Stephanie Ackerman Designs:  http://homegrownhospitality.typepad.com/
The Red-Headed Hostess:  http://theredheadedhostess.com/

I'll share some other links in future posts on this subject!
1 Peter 2:5 is the source of the name of my women's ministry group:  Living Stones!
My scripture journals use very simple pictures to make their point!
To see all the posts I've written on the subject (only four total, so far), please click here.


Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...applesauce and scriptures...I like what you have been doing. It's about being organized and committed...good posts!

denthe said...

Great idea these visual images! Love them!

NancyD said...

Amazing! Love your drawings and how you used this technique to make your notes and build a memory. NancyD

NancyD said...
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