Friday, October 10, 2014

Collage for a Cause

My friend Sue volunteers in the Handwork Group of the Hagley Museum in Delaware.  As a member of this group, she uses donated materials to create items to sell at their October Craft Fair.  She asked me to make some framed collages using donated Christmas cards, which could be sold at the fair. 
All earnings are given back to the museum for scholarships that allow students to experience Hagley's programming when they would not otherwise be able to afford to participate. 
I've been working on the collages over the past month, digging into the bag of Christmas cards and stack of frames that Sue dropped off at Studio 791.  My finished work is pictured here. 
I'll tell you, though, it's not easy to photograph framed artwork behind glass.  Please bear with me when it comes to strange flash reflections!
So, as the leaves outside are turning the loveliest autumn shades, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!
For more ideas of how to re-use your holiday cards, check out this post from January of last year:


Jo Murray said...

I remember your last post on recycling Christmas cards. I always do it and love what you've done with yours.

Sue Hare said...

Thank you so much for putting your creative juices to work for Hagley Museum. Your efforts are much appreciated!

Janet said...

Andria, I love how you're always recycling things into art. These cards are beautiful! You inspire me!!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! Those are really gorgeous artworks. I wouldn't have guessed that those collages were made from donated Christmas cards. They all look so beautiful! What's even more amazing is that all of those are made for a great cause. Anyway, I hope the event goes well and that the pieces become huge hits. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best!

Norman Watkins @ Giving Works