Friday, April 18, 2014

A Look Into My Art Journal

After finishing my first Art Journal Round Robin (AJRR) last year, I found myself with empty pages at the back of the book.  I didn't want to retire it to my art room shelves until those final spreads were complete! 
I decided to use that book for my regular art journaling this month.  Even though many, many months have passed since it's been used, I figure that lapse isn't going to look like much when I'm looking back over my art journals when I'm 81!
I sat down and collaged all four spreads in the same sitting.
I had a stack of images that I had clipped mainly from old issues of Somerset Studio.  I don't have enough shelf space to keep too many whole magazines, so I file articles I want to reference again, and add the pretty pictures to my collage fodder drawer.
That means, of course, that the beauty of these pages is due entirely to images that are not of my own creation!
But as many before me have noted, there is great therapy, and I would argue a degree of artistry involved in combining and arranging the images in new and meaningful ways.
I found again, as I have discovered before, that it helps to pull a stack of a large but limited number of pictures, rather than trying to rifle through my whole collection at the same time.
I pulled pictures that were "speaking to me" at that moment, and then as I started going through them, I began regrouping those that seemed to go together by color or theme or style.
From there, the spreads came together, and I went back in the days following the collage process to add some pen work and journaling.
There are still eight spreads left in the book, and while it is expanding as all delicious art journals do, there appears to be plenty of space to allow more collaging on those remaining pages.
I'll be back with more journal peeks when there is more to share!


donna!ee said...

spectacular, thank you much for sharing! ;D said...

That looks like fun -- and I love that fat art journal look! Yummy. (And at 81 you will just love it, you're right.)

Jo Murray said...

A journal full of treasures.

Linda Gibbons said...

wonderful pages, Andria. I love the collage and journaling layers, and the beautiful faces you've chosen. I'm glad to see you using the images from Somerset, I am still wrestling with that one, but I have used some snippets.

Sue said...

Where in the world do you get all your images! Lovely.

eli said...

you said it: "it is expanding as all delicious art journals do" - love these pages Andria!

Karen Isaacson said...

I love that process of pulling images that speak to you in the moment. no thinking or planning - just impulse and what makes you happy. even when using other people's images you put them together in ways that are wholly you. lovely pages.

Carin Winkelman said...

I love peeks in art journals and I love the look of a closed art journal where you see the colour kind of seeping out of it (like in the last picture. It just makes me happy.