Monday, March 31, 2014

Playing Catch Up

I have a number of smaller projects that have crossed my craft table over the past month or two that I've never shared here on the blog.  Today's post is a random collection of some of those projects to show you what I've been up to.

You may recall the cereal box books I made based on a pin from my Pinterest Book and Journal Making boardAnother pin led me to make tiny little pocket notebooks using everyone's favorite shipping tags. 
The project is quick and easy, but the books are probably just a bit small to be practical for everyday use.
I did another version of the project with a final result that looks even cuter, but is unfortunately just as small and impractical!
I've never met a little notebook I didn't like, though, so I'm sure these will be put to some use!

Original on the left, photocopy on the right
Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems like everyone is creating their own planner pages these days.  I love the "planner craze," though, and discovered an entire subculture of Filofax keepers once I started putting together my Daily/Weekly Plan Books board on Pinterest.
Original on the left, photocopy on the right
Just for fun, I created some 8-1/2"x11" weekly planning pages that could be used in a full-size binder (and I'm in the process of creating some smaller size pages for 6"x8" binder, which is my new favorite size).
Original on the left, photocopy on the right
I used watercolor paint and oil pastels on Bristol paper to create the originals.  Then I raided my collection of letter stickers from my scrapbooking days to identify the days of the week in different styles.
A closer look
The photocopied calendar pages are bright, smooth, and colorful.  I could definitely imagine having fun with them, though I have a smaller-sized planner that I'm committed to for the rest of this year.
I could imagine making these my daily planning pages!
It could be fun to create a kind "creative planner" to make sure that I am making time through each week for creative pursuits.  These colors would certainly be inspiring and eye-opening, don't you think?!
These fiery squares would wake me up to my To Dos in the morning!
And, finally, I've made some postcards from a stash of metallic papers I purchased awhile back from a craft store.
The snows of winter moved quickly into the cold rains of spring, so there haven't been too many bright cheerful colors to inspire me.  About the brightest I could come up with was metallic, which isn't generally a preferred look for me.
I thought the metallic papers gave a lovely haunting look to the postcards, though, especially the two I've posted here.
So, while I've been a little MIA around the blog, I haven't deserted my art room completely! I find myself spending more time on spring cleaning, church involvement, my Living Stones group, and the same old carting of the kids to school drop-off and pick-up.  I am hoping that if the warmer temperatures and longer days of sunshine DO finally arrive, they will bring with them some additional inspiration and motivation for art-making.  It has been a truly long, long winter!


scrapwordsmom said...

Oh planner pages are so fun! I am a part of the Documented Life Project and I LoVE it. I don't think I will ever buy a pre made planner again:) As always Andria you inspire with all your projects!!!

Jo Murray said...

I love those little books. They'd be a fab gift with some tiny sketches or collages in them.

Patty Antle said...

Love your little projects and it's fun to hear you have been in the craft room. said...

Very nice! I have never met a little book I didn't like (or a big book either, for that matter). Lovely little projects. I actually love staying in and working at art when it rains.....thanks for showing us what you've been up to.

Parabolic Muse said...

Like yourself, my new favorite size is 6x8! I've been filling them as singles. I almost never bind anything together. The idea is always appealing.