Thursday, June 20, 2013

Index Card Art: Week Three

Another week of the Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) challenge has passed, and I'm on time this week to show my latest creations.
ICAD3:  #15
Raw Art Journaling:  Getting Edgy
My cards continue to run the gamut of markering, collage, and doodling.
ICAD3:  #16
Stuff on My Desk 2
ICAD3:  #17
Cheater, Cheater Sketchbook Series I
I certainly have never claimed to have a "signature style," and my index card collection continues to attest to that fact!

Card #15 resulted from an exercise called "Getting Edgy" from Quinn MacDonald's Raw Art Journaling book.  Her exercises have been fueling several of my index cards!

Card #16 is another result of simply rummaging around the scraps on my art table when index-card-making time rolled around.

And Card #17 is a bit of a "cheat" because I simply photocopied a page in my sketchbook that I had been working on, and glued it to an index card.  Because I don't have too many hours to work on my art each day, sometimes a project has to do double-duty.  If I manage to work in my sketchbook, then it will have to serve as my index card that day as well!
ICAD3:  #18
Cheater, Cheater Sketchbook Series II
I did the same thing for Card #18:  photocopied a page of doodles from my sketchbook and glued it to an index card.  I recently purchased Creative Lettering:  Techniques & Tips from Top Artists, by Jenny Doh, and fell in love with Flora Chang's doodles in the very first section.  Trust me, you will be seeing plenty more blog posts inspired by the work in this fun book!
ICAD3:  #19
Cheater, Cheater Sketchbook Series III
After getting into the doodling mode from the lettering book, I visited Michael's and saw a series of stamp sets with little doodle images.  (Perhaps they were the Recollections brand?  I'm not sure.)  I took photos with my phone, and then came home to add the doodles to my sketchbook.  One more photocopy and glue stick adhesion and Card #19 was born!
ICAD3:  #20
Raw Art Journaling:  Free Floating Bubbles
Card #20 is another exercise from Quinn MacDonald's book.  They are fun to draw, and fun to color in with my Sharpie markers.  Nothing too involved...just some free-form doodling fun!
ICAD3:  #21
Raw Art Journaling:  Over & Under
My final card for the week is another exercise from Quinn's book, and one that I did on a card last week.  Once you start doing these Over & Under cards, you really don't want to stop!  They are basically the Zentangle pattern called Hollibaugh, which is one of my favorites.  Crazy thing about this card:  it is actually purple and blue!  But I couldn't manage to capture the correct colors with my camera, no matter how much I messed with the lighting.

As wonderful as ICAD is, I have no intention of turning my blog into a show-and-tell of my ICAD cards.  Please come back this weekend and next week for some posts that will show you art journal pages, some new additions to the walls of my studio, and MORE!

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Naomi said...

Love these, especially the colors in the first card. I just got Creative Lettering too as a birthday gift! I can't wait to look inside now!

Deborah de Roz said...

Wow, these are fab! You are such an inspiration and you are so productive and always fit art into your life! I should take a leaf out of your page! I love the doodles and have put the Creative Lettering book on my wish list!

Joyfulploys said...

Andria...these are all fabulous! I love the variety!!!

Patricia said...

Beautiful cards!! I love the first one! I think I need to get a copy of Creative Lettering too! :) Very well done, Andria!

Rita said...

These are great. I love 15 and 18...all of them, really!

Diana Taylor said...

What a lovely collection of cards - I particularly like the colours in the first one, and I love the airmail one too - it has a lovely vintage feel to it. Lovely!

Leigh said...

I especially love the lines and colors of #20.

uncustomary said...

Beautiful! I love that you're doing this again this year :-)

Deborah Weber said...

Delightful cards! I've put Creative Lettering on my wish list as I've heard nothing but great things about it and your cards just seal the deal.

Tracey FK said...

I think using the pages form a colouring book is genius... and the cards are all wonderful... it is amazing how much time can disappear when working on them so it is great to have a quick back up like that...xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually, I wouldn't call that cheating. I call it ingenious!! I like them all.

Dianne said...

A terrific variety of techniques and colors!

Anonymous said...

All of your cards would be BEAUTIFUL as fabric! I love them!

Prairie Jill said...

Great collection! I'm like you - my "style" changes from one card to the next - and I love it!

VivJM said...

I don't know about you not having a signature style, you certainly have a lot of style. Love your cards!

Natasha said...

What is a signature style anyway? I think we are all continually growing and developing on this journey, so my "style" from this week is different to where I was even a few weeks ago, or last year!! I love your cards, and I don;t think it is cheating to capture your doodles, it is a useful reference capture! :)

Parabolic Muse said...

Ah! I did miss a week! Look at these!

I love getting edgy. So cool. And that cheater, cheater has the flowery goodness I require.
Glad I saw this post, so thanks for linking!