Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Return of ICAD

This is just the beginning...
Last year, I participated in Tammy's Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) challenge over at Daisy Yellow.  I hung in for the full 61 days, and ended up with a pile of 3"x5" casual art pieces reflecting my whim of the day.  (I have an "ICAD" label in the left margin of this blog if you'd like to look through my posts from the challenge.  Check out the delicious pile of cards from the end of the challenge!)

The challenge is on again this summer, and I'm back to creating my daily cards.

Here is my progress over the course of the first week:
ICAD3:  #1
For the first card, I used the suggested theme for week 1:  rainbow.  I used this opportunity to play with my Souffle pens by Sakura.  Hence the card's title, "Rainbow Souffle."
ICAD3:  #2
I used a library card for one of my cards last year, so this time around I created my own library card on an index card, and then stamped this face stamp with Distress ink.  I call this one, "Library Muse."
ICAD3:  #3
One of Tammy's optional prompts for this first week was "zebra," so I created this doodle and called it "Curly Zebra."  I like the name even better than the card!
ICAD3:  #4
I started doing a series of drawing exercises from Quinn McDonald's book, Raw Art Journaling, and working on her Confetti Lines led me to my Tornado Series.  Here is the first one, created with various colored pens.
ICAD3:  #5
Here is the second in my Tornado Series, and it made me realize how much I really like my gold metallic pen, even though I am not usually a "fan" of gold!  I even thought the back of the card looked pretty, so I added some swirling black lines to make it sort of double-sided.  (You can also see how I label each of my cards on the back!)
the back of ICAD3:  #5
ICAD3:  #6
I created my final "tornado" on a card, then cut it out.  I created a cross-hatch design on another card, and then adhered the tornado with pop dots.
ICAD3:  #7
My last index card from the week includes another of Quinn's exercises.  She calls it "lightning lines," but I call them "Ice Crystals".  I tried to choose icy-colored markers, and have vowed to go pen shopping again due to my limited selection of colors!

I will be checking in weekly to share my progress in the challenge.  You can check out the other participants' efforts using the Linky list Tammy has provided on her blog.

And the greatest beauty of the challenge is that you can join at any time, without trying to go back to make up for lost time!  If you want to join in RIGHT NOW, check out the suggested (and purely optional) prompts for this next week.  Let me know if you plan to play along!


McMGrad89 said...

Well, you have certainly been busy. Good luck in sticking to it again this year. I can't wait to see what you share.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Good for you! I especially like #3. I did 52 playing cards one year (one a week), and it was hard to stick with it.

mjk said...

great cards. these are a good way to try new techniques. love your tornados. tfs

scrapwordsmom said...

I am participating, too and thought you would be:) I have only finished 2 cards and am working on my 3rd. It's ok though. Even if I only do half the is still so fun!!:)

Joyfulploys said...

You are off to a great start!!! I especially like "lightning line."!

Tracey FK said...

This is a fabulous start... like that top one especially... and pleased to have found your blog via ICAD... looking forward to seeing more of your lovely cards...xx said...

Hello Andria! :]
** these look wonderful... love your designs, creative and inspiring!! **

Karen Isaacson said...

fun fun fun! I love all things library related, so library muse really appeals to me. and curly zebra is just wonderful. glad you've joined in again this year!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, young lady, I totally forgot to look at Tammy's prompts, OR to put my linky on Tammy's list. What is the point of my slaving over these really fun and quick cards if I'm not going to FOLLOW RULES?!

Well, I guess the point is not to have rules, but I'm glad you reminded me, anyway.

But enough about you. I LOVE your cards! The first one is my favorite, but they're all groovy. I've been posting mine daily on instagram but I'm two days behind. Looking forward to your next ones!

Natasha said...

Love your tornado lines. I am waiting to check out Quinn's book from the library. I hope my turn rolls around very fast. I suspect I am going to want it on my own shelves. I loved seeing where you went with each of the cards.

Giggles said...

OOh I love all of these!! What a great take on the prompts...good job!! Going to look at last years now!!

Hugs Giggles