Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christmas in April [Belated!]: Confetti Tags

I have so many Christmas project ideas bookmarked that I knew I would never get to them all unless I started working on them throughout the year.  To that end, I started my Christmas in [Insert Month Here] series.  I had my April project completed early in the month, but the weeks got away from me, and now I am posting my results belatedly, in May.

Oh well, better late than never!
I did another paper project, this time using a tutorial for confetti tags from The Creative Place.  When Ashley, of The Creative Place, creates books and albums to sell in her Etsy shop, she often includes a confetti page, which has such a fun and festive air about it.  I really like the way she converted this idea into making festive confetti tags, which would work for Christmas or any holiday equally well.

She has a detailed step-by-step guide for making them on her site, but I'll just walk you through the basics of what I did.  Check out Ashley's site for her wonderful step-by-step photo directions.
First, I used a hole punch to create confetti in red, green, and multi-colored paper.  You could adjust your colors to suit the holiday.  It would be great to use leftovers from previous projects, as Ashley does, to make this an eco-friendly project!  I stored all the little circles in a resealable plastic bag, though you could put them in a little cup or bowl, too.

I used a manila shipping tag as a template to create two white shipping tags.  You could change the color of the tag to suit the holiday.  I used a circle cutter to create a window in one of the tags.  I left the second tag intact.
Then I created a little pocket for the confetti out of a plastic page protector.  I sewed up three of the sides before filling it with the confetti, and then adhesive to close up the fourth side.  If you don't sew, I imagine you could use adhesive for all four sides.  (For this project, I used a glue runner.)
I used the same glue runner to cover the window tag on one side with sticky.  Then I adhered the confetti pocket behind the window, and then adhered the non-window tag over that.  You have a sandwich:  window tag, confetti pouch, non-window tag.  I had to really use my fingers to squeeze the tags together so there were no gaps once the glue dried.  In some cases I had to trim some edges so the tags were exactly aligned.
Finally, I used that manila shipping tag as a template to know where to punch a hole in the top of my tag, and I added a ribbon for the completed tag.
I think they look festive and fun, and my daughters have already asked me to be sure to put them on their Christmas packages this year!


Parabolic Muse said...

wow. Okay? You are actually doing this! I need to do this with Halloween through the year! Because I always get backed up with my black cats and my skeletons and alla that. And it takes a long time to cut out skeletons!!

I wonder if they'd work well in a shaker tag? Hmmmm...

Patty said...

So cute, Andrea. I am pinning this!

Jo Murray said...

It's never too early I reckon.

Janet said...

This is such a cute idea!! Thanks for sharing it.