Saturday, October 13, 2012

Win a Giveaway, Give a Giveaway!

What would be your very favorite thing to win from a giveaway?

Maybe new art supplies to play around with?
Perhaps a gorgeous selection of papers for your art-making?
Or some artistic doo-dads to enjoy?
Tiles from a shop in Mexico
Stitched card from Egypt
How about an original work of art from an online friend?
Well, I'm here to tell you that Laurie, at Lone Black Bird, sent me ALL OF THE ABOVE for her giveaway celebrating her 300th blog post!

I feel so lucky to have won her giveaway, and I feel prompted to host a giveaway of my own!  It won't be quite as spectacular as Laurie's, but if you are interested, I will give you the details in a day or two.


Janet said...'re a lucky gal!

laurie said...

so glad you like all the randomness i crammed in that box! i'm sure you will create beautiful, interesting pieces with all of it.