Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who Loves Art in the Mail?

I do!  I do!

I have been receiving postcards as part of Shannon's International Postcard Swap.  Participating in swaps means racing to the mailbox every day, hoping that today is one of the days when a fabulous postcard appears!

Here are the three I have gotten so far:
Beth sent this first card---with an absolutely gorgeous subdued color palette.  I was really wowed by her college (one of those things that looks even more spectacular in person).  The back of her postcard was super-fun, too:
I loved the exposed stitching on the back, similar to the exposed stitching on my own postcards!  Be sure to check out Beth's blog.

Next came this postcard from Judith:
I love that drawing of a Gothic building!  She had fun with the back of her postcard as well:
There was no Internet contact information for Judith, so I hope that she will run across this blog post to see a big "Thank You" from me!

Most recently Trish sent me this colorful beauty:
And more color on the back:
You can see more of Trish's projects at her blog, Lost Muse Journals.

You can see the postcards I sent out as part of this swap in this post from last month.

I am also doing an altered rolodex card swap with Chris, of Parabolic Muse.  In the midst of a million projects, she created these fun and colorful cards from...guess what?!...paper towel!!
Side One
Side Two
All of the card have fun designs, but I like that top one best of all!

So, do YOU want an original handmade gift in the mail over the next couple of weeks??  If so, please check out my most recent post, about the Pay It Forward Project.  I need two more people to sign up, and I will send a gift to you in the next couple of weeks. 

Be sure to leave a comment on yesterday's post if you are interested!

Happy Thursday!


Janet said...

You're getting some great mail art. I like those Rolodex cards done with paper towels. Another thing to add to my long list of things to try!

Shannon Ganshorn said...

Wow! Amazing cards! You could frame those and hang them as art...

Glad you're having fun with this swap :)

Great blog, by the way!

Shannon Ganshorn

Lillian said...

I love them all Janet
I had so much fun with these
Check my blog to see mine

Prairie Jill said...

Isn't this a fun swap?? I love the cards you sent and the ones you received.

Carin Winkelman said...

Well, who doesn't want mail like this? Lucky you!

Parabolic Muse said...

Hey there! Thank you for your kind words on my rolodex cards.

I love getting the postcards! I feel a little shy about it though because... I haven't started mine! eek! I have great ideas, though, and the bases have been prepared, so...

I am loving people's collage style. Those postcards are great. I'm also doing the paper-mosaic thing, so I'm hoping that figures into the postcards too.

Happy Valentine's Day to you! said...

What fun... love it all!
An addiction to swapping :]
Enjoy ((hugs))

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