Thursday, February 2, 2012

Four Things: Truly a Miscellany

1.  Earth 911

Earth 911 recently used a photo from my blog to illustrate one of the pages of their story, "7 Reuse Ideas for Old Jeans"!  If you would like to read my original blog post, which included other crafts I made in addition to the pocket magnets they are highlighting, you will find it by clicking here

2.  Pinterest Question

It is always fun to have people find their way to my blog from other web sites.  Lately, I've seen from my "stats" tab that some folks have come here via Pinterest.  Does anyone know how to find out what photos have been "pinned" by someone on Pinterest?  I am just curious to know what is "out there."

3.  Paper Swap!

I participated in LaWendula's January paper swap, and had the good fortune to be paired with Orit of Israel.  There was a "Mother Goose" theme, so I sent her several illustrations from rhyme books I have for my paper crafting, along with child-themed papers and pictures.  My girls were enchanted by the idea of "Miss Orit" in Israel, and contributed various pictures they drew specifically for her. 

In return, I received an envelope full of paper goodies.  Here they are all spread out on the breakfast table:
I'll take you on a little visual tour of all that is here.  It's amazing how exotic and interesting regular things like food packaging, advertisements, and receipts seem to be when they are printed in another language!
I am especially intrigued by the Hebrew Scrabble-style tiles:
She included lots of other favorites, including postage stamps, a vintage photo, and an air mail envelope:
And I love these detailed notes on a subject that I clearly never studied when I was in school:
My girls are still asking if they can send things to "Miss Orit," so I think they will now want to participate in all future swaps I tell them about!

If you are interested in doing a paper swap like this, check out LaWendula's paper swap site and let her know you want to get involved!

4.  Spring Craft Show

I am excited to announce that I have a spot at an upcoming craft show in my area!  It will be my second time to sell my paper crafts and other handmade goods to the general public; you can see the results of my first effort last November in this blog post.  I will keep you posted on what will be coming out of Studio 791 as the event comes closer!


scrapwordsmom said...

Sooo many fun things! I wonder that about Pinterest, too. I don't know. I will let you know if I find out.

What a FUN swap with Orit from Israel. Love all your goods.

Have a crafty day!

The Snail Mailer said...

Awesome paper swap, very cool!

TheVintageMouse said...
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TheVintageMouse said...

Here's the link to your pinterest pins. It always only shows most current pins. I think you have to logged in to Pinterest to see it.
If you're curious to see any other blogs/websites current pins, just replace your blog's name with another.
Hope this helps!

Andria said...

Thanks, Leslie...did you see what the Vintage Mouse wrote below? Super-helpful!

It's a great swap, Saskia, and ongoing each month. You should check it out!

Thanks so much for the information, Vintage Mouse...I had no idea! I will try this right now. said...

Oh yes, the paper swap!
What fun, right?!!
Enjoy all your paper goodies :]
Congratulations to your upcoming craft show (hip, hip, hooray!!)

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...I love to reuse old Jeans...they are always so worn and soft...I used a few pieces in my quilt. I will check out your link. Looks like you recieved some great papers from Orit.

I hope your spring craft show is a big success and that you sell lots of your arts and crafts.

aimee said...

oh my gosh i am envious! i'd love to have all these little bits and pieces in hebrew -- my kids are learning to read it and what a fun way this would be for them to practice!

LaWendula said...

How lovely! Great stuff! :)

Andria said...

Thanks, April! I am excited to make my final preparations for the show!

Thank you, Mary...doing a craft show is still a pretty new experience for me...still a little strange to "put myself out there"...but I think it will be fun!

Aimee, that WOULD make Hebrew practice interesting. I was thinking that maybe an Israeli travel or tourism agency could send you Hebrew materials that you could use with your kids...maybe??

Thanks for visiting, FM!