Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things to Do in 2012

It wouldn't be the New Year without making some resolutions, now, would it?
Last year, I made many, many very specific monthly resolutions, and then promptly lost the little book where I had written them. 

Much more effective for me was the practice of choosing a word that expressed my intentions for the year.  In 2011, I chose the word BEGIN, and kept it at the forefront of my mind as I started maintaining my blog, keeping an art journal, participating online in swaps and courses, and preparing for my first craft show. 
For 2012, I have chosen the noun WINGS (after considering alternatives such as BLOOM and GROW) to suggest a movement forward from the beginnings I enjoyed last year. 
I also thought of some general goals for the year, and created a page in my new art journal (which I am maintaining at the same time as my Book of Days).
I am working on interesting lettering for my art journal and other art pieces, using The Scrapbooker's Handwriting Workshop by Crystal Jeffrey Rieger, a Christmas gift to me from my mother.
The font I've used here is called "French manicure," and I think it's pretty and fairly easy to create.  I also played around with the new Derwent Inktense Watercolor pencils that my mother also got me for Christmas.  Because of the thinness of my paper, and the collage I had glued to the back of this page, I didn't get the very best results that I know I'll be able to get eventually.
My 2012 "To Do" list:  Eat well, run often, pray always, create art regularly, occupy the moment fully, invest in friendships generously, read widely. 

What's on your list for this year?


Karenann followed my airmail envelope jotter notebook tutorial and created her own notebook.  Check it out here.  It looks great!


One of the great things about collaging is you can have piles of things scattered all around your workspace, and sometimes things just come together seemingly like magic.  A few weeks ago when I had all sorts of magazine words and phrases on my desktop, these three pieces fell together:
Great, isn't it?


scrapwordsmom said...

Love how your words just fell together...I have noticed things like that, too...I must take a photo next time!

Your Word is magnificent...I see all kinds of art journal images with that one:)

My Word is Story.

Looking forward to more art journaling on-line challenges...you have inspired me in this area!!

Would you like to be a guest blogger sometime?? Let me know!

laurie said...

you chose some resolutions that are bound to make your year more memorable / meaningful. i like your handwriting and would love to get me a copy of that book!

Jo C. said...

I love the font you used for your I will do list! See you in Book of Days.

VivJM said...

Great selection of motivators for the new year. Love the font you have used, very pretty and effective.

Adriann said...

Your lettering is awesome...love your word for the year! Mine is delve. I want to dig deeper into aspects of my life and not just stay at the surface. Happy New Year!

Andria said...

Leslie, I would be honored to be a guest blogger for you! Thank you so much for asking!

Laurie, the book has some really fun fonts in it. I would definitely look into it, if I were you!

Thanks, Jo...yes, see you in Book of Days!

Thanks, Viv!

Thanks, Adrianne. I love the word DELVE...neat choice! Happy New Year to you!

Dolly B said...

Your resolutions look fantastic in your art Journal and I love your resolutions that you have chosen for the year