Monday, March 28, 2011

Learning from the Masters

People today think a lot about creativity, happiness, and joy. We read articles about it, subscribe to newsletters to inspire it, create journal entries to explore it, and visit blogs to develop a sense of community around it.

I love doing all of these things, and they have added immeasurably to my life in the past couple of months. I realize, though, that my greatest teachers—the Masters of Creativity, Happiness, and Joy—are right here in my own home, dropping crumbs on my floor, creating loads of dirty laundry, and strewing toys across my family room.
My children are Master Teachers when it comes to creativity, happiness, and joy. They OWN these qualities without self-consciousness, strategy, or defined purpose.

I am not going to abandon the articles, newsletters, journals, or blogs, but I AM going to spend some time observing my two- and three-year-old daughters a little more closely to determine what wise lessons they have to teach me about living life.
{Some days it's a boat, some days it's a train, some days it's a car. 
Who knows what it will be tomorrow!}

{Total trust and total fun.}
{At our church's Family Retreat.}

{That's "MISS Potato Head" to you!}
{One of those moments you just live for as a Mom.}

{A student and her teachers}


lee said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. Those little girls are two cutie pies, are they close in age.

Deezy said...

Hi Andria, Thanks for your visite and comment to my blog! I like your blog too: your story's with your pictures are verry nice to read!
I also liked the idea of "what are you up to today...." I think it is making the people curious about what you are doing....!

Janet said...

We could all learn so much from kids. I wish I had their carefree way when it comes to art!

Your girls are adorable!!

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog! Be assured that, if you like my brand of wackiness, my blog breaks don't last very long. I'm glad I found your blog!

Jennifer Ward said...

Such a wonderful post! I love it! And, you are absolutely right. As time moves forward, we will remember the time that we spend with our little ones, and not the time that we spent blogging...but gosh it is so relaxing to read and write about such things - so keep it up!