Sunday, March 27, 2011

And They're Off!

I went to the post office yesterday morning to mail off my postcards for iHanna’s postcard art swap. I have to admit—I was a little bit nervous! I think I had visions of the postal worker looking at my art and saying something like, “You want me to mail this crap!” Isn’t that terrible? But I was putting my art out there for the world to see, and I’ve never really done that before.

Turns out, the woman at the counter didn’t bat an eyelash, was completely helpful, and didn’t make any more remark than if I was mailing postcards of the Liberty Bell.

There was only one problem with the whole process: she gave me Ronald Reagan stamps for the postcards being mailed within the United States. Ronald Reagan? Really? When I came home and told my husband, he said, “Oh, man…you should have asked for something else!” So it isn’t just me who somehow sees Ronald Reagan as the antithesis of the arty, creative spirit (Hollywood origins notwithstanding)!

I went for a celebratory coffee and muffin after the post office, and now I await the arrival of ten beautiful postcards from around the world. I will post them for you to see when they get here!


Janet said...

The people at my post office seldom ever comment on the postcards and mail art I send out either. Sorry about the stamps! I agree with you.


Hi Andrea, one of my post cards was sent to an Andrea, I wonder if it was you?

Andria said...

Thanks, Janet--I feel sorrier for the folks getting those stamps on their cards! :-) And Grammy (may I call you Grammy?), I haven't gotten any cards yet, so I don't know if one of yours is making its way to me. We'll see!

Anne said...

You're more creative and artistic than you are ready to admit -- don't ever use the words "my art" and "this crap" anywhere near the same paragraph!! They were truly beautiful examples of your spirit.

VivJM said...

I've just got your postcard and it's quite lovely! Luckily I'm in the UK so no Ronald Reagan lol. You are very artistic, don't doubt yourself xxx

pjbeck said...

Andria, Your beautiful postcard arrived today. It was the first to find its way into my mailbox. You did an amazing job.
:) Pam