Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Mommy Mental Meltdown

Today was one of THOSE days. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately because Katy is back to her nighttime schedule of waking up every three or four hours. I don’t function particularly well on not enough sleep. Katy got a bath this morning, and the baby tub both leaked and spilled as I attempted to rinse it out before she cried too hard in the next room. It took three hours of wrestling over two attempted feedings to get her to choke down about five ounces of formula. I finally got her snapped into her outfit for the day, and she proceeded to spit up all over it and all over my outfit, as well (and getting myself dressed is no small feat these days either!). She got her sheet-saver dirty, too, and as I was changing it, with her lying at the other end of the crib, she spit up AGAIN and got the sheet dirty, as well. Needless to say, I was pretty much frustrated beyond belief at that point. Happily, we both got an afternoon nap, and woke up in much better spirits to face the end of the day together.

Thoughtful Thursday: Today I thought I would explain the name of my blog. James 4:8 of the Bible say, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” Drawing near to God is a daily focus for me, through prayer (and sometimes just cries for help, like today!), Bible study, talking with others about our beliefs and understandings of God’s will. I fall short in so many ways with my goals, but God seems to recognize and bless my efforts. Even if this blog never becomes exactly a record of my efforts to draw near to God, it occurred to me as I was getting it underway that blogs are great methods of drawing near to others. A blog gives us a peek into the mind and life of the blogger, and the blogger shares things about him/herself that might not have been made public if not for the blog. So, “Drawing Near” struck me as an appropriate name for a blog meant to open up my life to those who choose to share it with me!

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daisy said...

I'm so sorry for your day, little one. No one told you there would be so many of these times did they?
You have strong love and strong faith -- they will see you through.