Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meeting of the Moms

Katy and I went to a get-together of new moms and their kids up at church this morning. We meet once a month, and this was the group’s second meeting. Last month, Katy had her cold, so we had to miss it. Today, there were four moms and five kids, ranging in age from 3 months (Katy) to just short of 4 years. We talked about getting kids to sleep at night when they keep finding excuses not to go, fighting kids’ constipation, and facing a child who says “no” when you ask her to do something (or in this child’s case, instead of saying “no” she declares, “never, ever, ever!”). I am looking forward to Katy being able to play and interact with the other children when we do these things. The other little ones come up and look at her and reach out, wanting to touch her, so there is some interaction already. It’s useful to me to talk with moms of children a little bit older than Katy because I get some idea of what I can expect in the future, and it also helps me to appreciate where she is right now.

Wellness Wednesday: When you want to start any kind of new diet or exercise, it’s a good idea to find a “buddy” to give you support, make the process do-able, and keep you honest. It’s best to find someone with similar goals, and set aside times to exercise together or swap healthy snack and meal ideas. People who work together toward their goals seem to have a greater rate of success! Kristen, I’ll be calling you about starting up “Mommy and Baby Yoga” soon!


Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading bit and pieces of your blog - very good to have all the pics, recipes, and "thoughts of the top of your head". Happy continued blogging, Sister-mine (and Michael was wrong - others of us read what you write, too!).

daisy said...

Loved the "never, ever, ever! Can't wait to hear what Katy will come up with -- will it sound half so cute when defiance is aimed closer to home???