Saturday, January 21, 2017

Art on the Parkway

Today I took advantage of the opportunity to join the Women's March on Philadelphia, one of the many Sister Marches to the one taking place in Washington, D.C.

For some, the march focused on peace, for many it focused on women's rights, and for quite a few it focused on protesting the new president.  The signs carried by the marchers reflected the various perspectives and concerns.  While my blog is not political in nature, it occurred to me that the many posters being carried by the participants represent a body of creativity that I wanted to share here.  And while I did not necessarily agree with the content or spirit of every sign I saw, I have to say that reading them was one of the most entertaining parts of the experience for me.

I am not going to make accompanying comments, but rather present a gallery of some of the interesting sights I enjoyed today.  If you would like more information about the purposes of the march, please feel free to visit the page expressing their vision and intent.
As we walked away from the rally, toward a restaurant visit and the train ride home, we saw many of the participants leaving their signs along a bridge, creating a gallery of the day's sentiments:


daisy said...

I'm always impressed by what a strong message can be sent in very few words. I have made the mistake before of thinking that, at my age, the fight isn't really mine anymore. The sign saying "I'm doing it for my grandchildren" hit a chord. NO ONE at ANY age can stop speaking for freedom and equality.

Jewels said...

Good for you Andria! While I did not participate I was VERY moved watching the news and the rallies around the world - with NO arrests in the States reported. Democracy allows us to do this. One of my favorite signs..."I've seen smarter CABINETS at IKEA"...