Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Have Journal, Will Travel

It's not everyday that I find a craft project involving an empty toilet paper tube that I like.
I mean, I'm as big a fan of upcycling as the next guy; I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to upcycling projects.

But an empty toilet paper tube?

Leave it to book artist Gwen Diehn to come up with a toilet paper tube project I feel comfortable sharing!
I created this Roll-Up Travel Journal using instructions from Gwen in a book from The Weekend Crafter series, entitled, Books and Journals: 20 Great Weekend Projects.
The design allows the little journal to be thrown into a backpack or purse for an impromptu weekend getaway, when you might want to catch some thoughts or sketches quickly on paper while on-the-go.  After all, it comes with its own protective case!  And that is where the toilet paper tube comes into play:
You slide the journal (made with a corrugated cover) out of the tube...
And find a complete bound journal inside!
The journal inside is made with a simple pamphlet stitch, but the design is made more interesting by including a window cutaway in the cover.  I couldn't resist a peek through my window through my window...if you see what I mean:
Gwen pointed out in her directions that you could tie a cord around the tube lengthwise in order to tie it onto your belt loop while you hike or sightsee.  It is ready to pop in and out of its case for on-the-go use!

Back in it goes!
A very respectable use for our empty toilet paper tubes, don't you think?

(Okay, so there might be at least THREE PINS on my Upcycle Pinterest board involving empty toilet paper tubes.  I confess...they can come in handy in the crafting world!)


Linda said...

Great idea Andria. Thanks for sharing.....Linda E.

Unknown said...

I am regular visitor of your blog.

Please check my drawing and tell me what do you think -