Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Playing Around in Nature: Container Gardening!

I know that many people think of things they want to do, but then don't do them.

I, on the other hand, have a tendency to want to want to do things, but just don't really want to.

Weird, right?

For example, I would always see people jogging on the sidewalk while I was driving down the road, and I wanted to want to jog, but I just really didn't actually want to.

And I would see people's beautiful yards, and I would want to want to garden, but I just never had much interest in it.

One by one, my wanting to want is turning into "want", and then "do."

(You're following this, right?)

Not only did I take up jogging about five years ago, but this spring I'm actually pretty excited about getting a container garden started in my back yard, tucked up next to my garage.
My container garden, one day old
I chose the spot because I can see it from the kitchen window, the family room window, the patio, and every time I head to the car.  I get absolutely the maximum pleasure from my herbs, plants, and flowers in this location.
Wandering Jew and LAVENDER!
In all of these photos, my little garden is just one day old.  Many of the plants I chose will grow, mound, trail, and vine, so I'm expecting a little more full and wild look in a couple of months.
Thyme, rosemary, basil and parsley
Calibrachoa on the right next to the lavender, with ivy in the planter behind
I don't really know what to expect, because it's all new to me, but I have some healthy herbs growing out there, and some happy looking flowers; now I just need to keep them that way!
A little Creeping Jenny tucked under the table, with a Calibrachoa hybrid on top of the table, at right
Et voila!  My container garden attempt has begun....

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daisy said...

Your garden is off to a great start! I think you'll see the Wandering Jew really take off with all that sunlight. Looks like a good spot for them -- enjoyment all summer long!