Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Aftermath of a Library Book Sale

I've composed at least four blog posts in my head over the past two weeks, and even have photos to go with them, but they've never made their way to the computer.  But here I am finally.  Hello! 

I turned 42 since I last checked in, and had an overnight birthday getaway with my husband while my mother watched the girls.  I've also been to the dentist, nursed a six-year-old back to health, taken my kids to their first theater production, cooked about twelve dinners, driven to my kids' school and back about fourteen times, attended a couple of gymnastics classes for the kindergarten set, hung out with teenagers at my church's Youth Group, went to a Book Club meeting, met with my Living Stones friends, and attended a Vacation Bible School planning meeting.

So, yeah, not much going on around here...

What I really need to tell you about today, though, is the latest library book sale.  I go to at least four of these sales each year, if not more.  I have boxes and shelves of books that I haven't even gotten to yet from previous sales, but I just can't stop myself from going.  I can't stand to think of what might be there that I might miss!

Today's sale was the one that I consider the best of all the ones in our county--the Media Free Library Book Sale.  I usually go on Sunday and enjoy half-price, but I went on full price Saturday--ouch!   Here's the loot I came away with, though--well worth full price, at $2 apiece.
I don't always find so many art-y books at the library book sales, especially not collage and mixed-media titles.  And acrylic painting!  And book binding!  Pretty remarkable finds today.  I actually already have a copy of Collage Playground; stay tuned, since it might end up in a giveaway soon!
I've been searching out images from the 1940s and 1950s lately, so I jumped at the chance to buy a stack of past issues of Good Old Days and Looking Back magazines. 
I couldn't see inside because of the way they were bound up, and there aren't as many illustrations as I had hoped, but there are a couple of fun features in each magazine from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, including:

Some great photos--
Vintage comic strips--
Old advertisements--
Cartoons from the era--
Fashion notes--
Even sheet music of popular songs of the times--
There should be a thing or two in there I can use in my projects.

Aside from art-y books, I purchased these other titles:
I've got some big-time reading to do!

While I leisurely perused the sale, my husband took the girls to make their purchases, and you can see the aftermath of their library book sale experience in the family room:
If it's true that you can never have too any books, then my family is living proof!


Sue said...

What treasures! You made out well and the price is worth it! I remembered the other dies that I got at the Allentown Rubber Stamp/Paper Show - grass and a window with shutters and a window box for flowers! We both have some playing to do!

lee said...

What a great sale, I go to mine as well I love books

Anne said...

I was sorry to miss the Media sale. See the girls got a Chinese Checker set...that's great! Looks like you made great strides in adding to your stash!!

VivJM said...

Happy belated birthday!
What excellent library sale finds!

Carin Winkelman said...

Well now, I am seriously jealous (in a good way of course...mostly...haha). Enjoy all these wonderful finds!

Susanne said...

I firmly believe you can never have too many books too. Even if they are in boxes still (or in my case, on closet shelves). You were lucky with so many great finds - those magazines sound especially fun.