Friday, January 30, 2015

This and That: Tape, Paper, Planners....and Jodi Ohl!

In spite of the promises of snow and my lingering cough wreaking havoc on my plans, I've got lots of little things to share!
First, I am the proud new owner of a set of the bright and beautiful washi tape designed by Aimee of Artsyville.  She has decided to "retire" her washi tape project, and offered a "buy one set, get one set" from her Etsy shop, and my awesome Mom gifted me with my very own set of six.  You are likely to see lots of Artsyville washi on my planner and art journaling pages in the coming months!
Aimee is always generous with her hand-lettered goodies, and included this insert with lots of ideas for using her washi tape.  At the rate my collection is growing, I better be getting some of these projects underway!  I have accumulated a LOT more rolls since I showed you my wooden schoolhouse storage solution.
My mother and I are taking full advantage of living close to one another for the first time in almost twenty years.  We both love art-making and paper, paper, paper, so art and crafts stores are dangerous for us!  But now, when we buy a pack of paper, for example, we split it with one another so we can enjoy even more variety.  My mom picked an autumn-themed collection, and I added the papers above to my stash.  My collection was called Mango Frost...gorgeous!
We used our new paper to work on a project I've been wanting to try since Cloth Paper Scissors published the article, "Folder Journal:  Making Art From Office Supplies," in one of their 2011 issues.
I think I want to add some additional papers to mine--maybe some text pages and vintage images--but for now, here is the booklet I crafted from a common office file folder:

First inside spread

Second inside spread

I am such a HUGE fan of stitched paper, and I love that this project had me stitching front and back sides with no concern for the backsides of the stitching showing.  By using the Mango Frost paper selection, I had guaranteed color much easier than digging through my paper collection hoping my colors and patterns don't clash!
Finally, I've been continuing my efforts to perk up my planner pages to add some fun to the mundane task of keeping my time organized.  Remember the empty little planner spread awaiting the beginning of a new week?
Well, this is one example of how the embellishing happens over the course of a week:
The stickers, the tape, the clip art, the quotations, the comments about my day, the sticky notes--they all make it that much more interesting to keep track of my days.
A great simple quotation from MLK, Jr.

As this week draws to a close, here's the spread that has been growing over the past five days:
Since I don't maintain a daily art journal, this is a simple fun way to infuse a little color and creativity into my life when I don't have time for a full-fledged project.
Finally, I wanted to share a link to a post by Jodi Ohl.  Via her eNewsletter, Jodi asked her readers to submit "burning questions" about art-making and the artist's life.  She wrote a post responding to the question I shared with her, and I would love for you to check it out.  Here is what I wrote to her:

Hi Jodi!  I met you at the CREATE Mixed-Media Art Retreat in 2013, and I have a piece of your artwork hanging happily in my art room!  My burning question has to do with balancing artwork created for business versus artwork created for personal pleasure.  Once you become a professional artist, do you still have opportunities to create art simply for personal pleasure, or does it pretty much always have to serve some purpose--for a show, as a demonstration, as a commission, etc.?  And how is your process affected?  Is your process different when you are creating a piece for a specific purpose, versus just messing around, having a fun, trying out a technique, etc.?

You can read her response to me here.  If you have a question for Jodi, she is still accepting "burning questions" to respond to!


Linda said...

Hi Andria. Love all you new goodies and the folder you made. Is there a way to retrieve a copy of that article for the folder directions? Also, I thought your question to Jodi Ohl was a good one and she gave a fabulous answer. It was definitely worthwhile reading. Thanks for sharing it.....Linda E.

Jewels said...

Wow Andria that was quite the response you got from Jodi! Very interesting too. Love your use of office supplies LOL....Hope your staying warm in your neck of the woods and surviving all the storms that seem to continue to come your way (hugs from less snowy, but definitely cold, mid Michigan!)

Jewels said...

Oh and I meant to say - what GORGEOUS washi tape! And the schoolhouse rocks LOL

Sue said...

You are one busy woman. Morning doing this creative stuff and then off to the shore. Thank you for shairng. Like the solid papers in combination with coordinating patterned papers.

denthe said...

Love that planner! Great way of keeping track of your days !

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, I miss reading your blog.


Is it not cooler than a biscuit that Jodi featured you?