Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Rubber Cement Resist: Gift Tags and Greeting Cards

Once I tried the rubber cement resist technique, it was hard to stop.  My mom had the idea of creating gift tags with the approach, and I tried it on some folded blank cards that I had in my crafting stash, and I had a chance to see how it looks on a smaller substrate.
First, I t ried some folded gift cards, using the same approach I used on larger watercolor paper:  painter's tape around the sides, multiples layers of watercolor paint and rubber cement as a resist. 
I think the results are pretty, and worth the effort.
For the gift tags, I used regular shipping tags as a template, and cut them from watercolor paper.
I was feeling more impatient for this project and left less drying time, so you will notice a bit more smudging of the colors.  And I completely forgot to lay down the painter's tape along the edges, so that changes the finished look as well.  I think they still look pretty, though.  Maybe a little more "edgy" than your standard gift tags.

Do you still need some creative cards or tags for Christmas?  There might be just enough time to give this fun rubber cement technique a try before the holiday is upon us!

Merry Christmas to all!  I look forward to seeing you after the holiday!