Monday, September 8, 2014

Glue Sticks and Stitches

Sometimes a paper crafter just has to hole up in her craft room and play around with paper, scissors, and glue for awhile.
Add in in my sewing machine, and I'm in paper crafting heaven!
On Friday, I found a big stack of Project Life 4x6-inch grid cards on deep discount at Jo-Ann, as well as some 7Gypsies journaling tags marked as Clearance.  I've tried to steer clear of random clearance purchases, but these were too good to pass up!
Every time I've managed to slip away for a moment into Studio 791, I've put another layer of paper or another row of stitching into one of these collages.
I envision them in my art journal, with writing added in any open spaces.
Sometimes when time is tight, it's nice to have a big focal element for a page already completed.  Then I can focus instead on a fun background paper, or the journaling, or a border, or something like that.
My husband came in as I was taking this photo of the aftermath of my collaging, and he said quite seriously, "So, what exactly is the purpose of the far away shot...?"  I said, "Crafters love to see each others' messy desks after they've been working on projects!"

He tries so hard to understand me, dear man, but I think that what I do in here still baffles him!


Linda Gibbons said...

Love these, the cream and red colors are so soothing.

Terrie said...

I had to chuckle at your ending....I just took a photo of my messy desk a couple days ago too. And Dan fears for his life when he comes in my room...though he supports me, I know he just doesn't understand :) Looks like you had some great fun stitching away!

Patty Antle said...

Thanks for sharing your desk. We truly do understand. I love sewing paper and want to do more!

Parabolic Muse said...

Mysteries are sometimes the best part of any marriage!