Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Pinteresting Crafternoon

The remains of the day
My mom's in town, so you know what that means:  time for a crafternoon! 
Cords and beads
This time we played around with ideas from pins on my Miscellaneous Craft Projects board on Pinterest, using wine corks for key chains and Christmas ornaments. We came away pretty happy with our projects. 
We used eye hooks in both ends of the cork to hold a keychain on one end and charms on jump rings on the other end.  Here is one of my mother's creations, using beads, charms, and milagros :
Here are three Christmas-themed ornaments I made, using charm sets from Jo-Ann:
My mother saw these lightweight metal frames in my stash, and had the idea of pairing them with some vintage photos she brought for me. 
Then she used a jump ring to connect a bead at the bottom, and made it into a necklace using a crocheted-bead necklace I had already made.  Pretty, isn't it?
I used my framed photo to create a keychain, adding a jump ring filled with seed beads at the top, and a milagro charm hanging from the bottom. 
My final two key chains continued our theme of dangling beads, charms, and Milagros:
Here is a closer look at each one:
Handling such tiny elements got a little rough on our eyes and our fingers, but overall we had a fun crafternoon.  And I was happy to use up some more of my stash.  I knew that set of jewelry pliers was going to come in handy some day!
For other cork key chain projects, check out these links that I have pinned to my Pinterest board:
Just what you needed:  another excuse to drink wine!


Beverley Baird said...

Love that term - crafternoon! What a fun way to spend time with your mom. Love the projects you made!

Jewels said...

LOL yes we all need more wine...looks like you had fun

Jo Murray said...

Isn't it great that you and your mother can share so much. You had a fabulous crafternoon.

Sue Hare said...

I have been making wine bags with old corks. I use a piece of fabric that is cut to 12 1/2 inches x 16 inches. Fold right sides together and sew the side and bottom. Turn it inside out and turn the top side over twice and stitch. The final step is to take two corks and put a hole through the middle of the cork - side to side. Use a tooth threader and attach one piece of ribbon - a cork at each end. The ribbon/cork is your tie around the top once you put the wine bottle in the bag. Easy, inexpensive and makes a nice way to present a bottle of wine when you go to someone's house for dinner.

Carin Winkelman said...

Gorgeous! I love the one with the blue danglies (is that a word: 'danglies'? cause it feels like I just made it up).
And...there's nothing that makes me happier than pictures of tables overflowing with supplies. Sigh...

Parabolic Muse said...

Really, really cool!