Sunday, July 20, 2014

Simply Handmade: Washi Tape Magnets

I love fast and simple projects. 

I love decorative tapes. 

And I love upcycling what might otherwise end up in the trash.

Put it all together, and Cintia at My Poppet came up with the perfect project for me:  DIY washi tape magnets!
How cute is Airmail Hello Kitty holding up Katy's kindergarten class photo?!
I had a little pile of advertising magnets down in the basement--rectangular shaped magnets from the kids' old pediatrician, the township where I live, and maybe an electrician we don't use.  Following Cintia's directions, I put a layer of adhesive/sticker paper over top of the advertising text, and then covered that with various decorative tapes that I like the look of enough to see on my refrigerator multiple times a day.  Then I cut through the magnet to create strips. 

Some I left straight-edged, and some I cut out a triangle at the end like an arrow or a banner. 
Bayla's preschool graduation certificate is now attached to the fridge with washi tape style!
Cintia is so right:  My fridge looks much happier now, too, with magnets that look like colorful pieces of tape!
Another fun airmail design waits in the wings for some more kids' artwork to hang.
Check out her blog for her step-by-step illustrated directions, and to see her other projects and tutorials!


laurie said...

What a cute and simple idea! I hope you and your girls are having a fun summer so far.

Anne said...

So now I'm mentally kicking myself for all the advertising magnets I've tossed! Such a good idea!

Jo Murray said...

GREAT idea. Those magnets are always arriving in the mailbox. I'm all for recycling.