Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stitchy Vintage Collage

After working on my fabric postcards for the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap, I moved away from fabrics and back to papers, creating a series of collages with mostly vintage materials.  They are 4"x6", perfect for either sending as postcards or framing as collage art (or both!).
This postcard features vintage seam binding, business envelope liner, postage stamps, music, a bill of sale from the 1890s, and an authentic photo...all original materials.
I love it when the colors come together perfectly!  That's when it just really feels like all the ephemera is falling into place.
And that original 1890s handwriting:  Swoon!

I love the image on this next postcard:  It comes from a gift book filled with images and quotations related to mothers and their children.  In this one, a mother looks on a bit reprovingly as her teenage daughter talks on the telephone.  Such a class image!
Everything else on the card is "authentic vintage ephemera":  postage stamps, musical score, bill of sale.  I really like how the postage stamps create a backdrop for each figure's head.
For my "Musical Zoo" postcard, I used a scrapbooking embellishment:  a paper frame that I had stashed with my "baby" themed scrapbooking paper.   The shiny flower embellishments came from dear Miss Mary.  The little girl came from the same gift book as the image above, while the music papers and postage stamps are "authentic vintage."
You can see the influence of my Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap postcard on this last one:
I used Distress Ink to stamp on the seam binding, which I then machine stitched across the card, and I hand-sewed buttons in the corner, similar to my fabric cards. 
I also included another image from the "mom book" and another scrapbooking frame.
And so the scrappy stitching continues!

Happy Fall!


Patty Antle said...

I really want to stitch with my machine on paper. I have never done that. Thanks for the inspiration. They are all beautiful. I am going to an art retreat today for the weekend in Atlanta and am crazy excited!!

donna!ee said...

FABULOUS the colorful collage AND always love stitching paper!!! ;D

Karen Isaacson said...

oh my! I just love that card with the girl on the phone. The background is wonderful and works so well with those great images.

uncustomary said...

Looks beautiful!

Jo Murray said...

Stitching and collage is a 'marriage made in heaven'

leekrek said...

such great looking collages

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, those handsewn buttons. come ON! And I love the stamps.

Robin said...

man these are amazing, love all the stitching and images you have used. really cool