Friday, August 2, 2013

The Results Are In!: Art Journal Round Robin

My art journal has been traveling around the country since February, and it returned home in mid-July--so much thicker that one kind participant added a thick rubber band to the outside edge to hold the pages closed for safer travel!
The book came home to me in perfect condition, bursting with paint, paper, stickers, rubber stamps, lettering, collage, embossing powder, doodles, drawings, acetate, and tags.

On the sign-in page at the front, I invited each participant to leave her signature--both a literal signature and an artful piece of herself, such as a note, a doodle, a scrap of favorite paper, or a rubber stamp image.
Here is a closer look at each of our "signatures":

Andria Kaskey (that's me!):
And here is a bit of an Art Journal Gallery Walk through the pages that have come to me in my art journal after its five month journey around the country:

Pages by Andria Kaskey:
Pages by Mary Layman:
Pages by Danielle Nelson:
Pages by Janet Briggs:
In the back of the journal, I included an envelope for paper scraps, inviting participants to take as many as they want, replacing them with just as many.  I came away with a few new scraps for my collage stash:
I am very happy to have participated in my first Art Journal Round Robin this year.  I like trying new things all the time to add to my repertoire of artistic experiences.  Now, I have to figure out how I want to complete the book.  There are several blank pages left, which I could carry on as my own personal art journal, or seek to have other people make contributions in some isolated single swaps.  I have some decisions to make!

Many thanks to Danielle, Mary, and Janet for being my Round Robin partners!


Janet said...

This was so much fun! I'm happy to be a part of this round robin and treasure my own journal. It's nice to have art from other artists right there to look at and enjoy whenever I want.

alarmcat said...

this is awesome!!

Adriann said...

I love every entry and how distinctly different each artist is. You have a wonderful keepsake! I like your Sign In idea...brilliant! You've inspired me to find or start a journal swap. I've been burned in the past but must try again. I'll see.

Anonymous said...

AWESoME art journal....and a round robin journal is a GREAT Idea!!! if you decide to do another round, please let me know.......I'd be interested in swapping. and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Robin said...

Love all of these journals pages, Andria... such a Great project to be a part of. :]


Maria Ontiveros said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad you enjoyed your RR and that it worked out.

Parabolic Muse said...

Woah! Thanks for sharing all these pages. Not only are they really rich and pretty, but it reminded me of a round robin I was in. There's so much goodness!

Terrie said...

These are amazing pages - what a great group of journalers you found! I bet you all just treasure your books. Lucky you!!

betsy said...

Congrats on your Round Robin journal. Looks like it was a huge success.

Shopgirl said...

What a good time this must have been, Hugs, Mary

Carin Winkelman said...

What a treasure!