Monday, March 25, 2013


Yesterday was Palm Sunday, the day that ushers us into Holy Week, culminating in Easter next Sunday. 
At church, the Sunday school children walked around the sanctuary, waving palm branches and singing, "Hosanna," and "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."  These are the same words sung for Jesus as he entered Jersusalem on the back of a colt so many years ago.  This was his so-called Triumphal Entry.  His followers thought he was coming to town to be crowned their king, the one who would save them from generations of oppressive foreign rule.  In reality, he was going there to his death on a cross, a fate that would lead him to a much greater Kingship:  King of Heaven, saving not just the current generation of Hebrew people from Roman rule, but saving ALL of us in all generations for eternal life.
It's worth stopping to think about for a moment!

My younger daughter couldn't come to church for Palm Sunday because she's had a fever since Friday evening.  But we were able to commemorate the event at home, creating our own handmade palm branches from backyard sticks and hands outlined onto green construction paper.  We are following some of the clever and meaningful ideas presented by Jessica of Our Family for His Glory for helping the girls understand that Easter is about far more than bunnies, chicks, and candy-filled eggs.
Bayla and Katy with their Daddy and homemade palm branches
I sketched some palm fronds in my sketchbook, trying out all the different ways they might look. 
I added some watercolor paint and pencils, as well as passages from the Biblical accounts of Palm Sunday. 
A journal page can be a meditative way to consider the true meaning of a holy day. 
It may not result in a finished work of art, but still represents a creative rendering of one's spirituality and belief. 
Before Lent began, I read a suggestion that we should all read one of the Gospels--Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John--to remind ourselves of the full life, teachings, miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  I am reading the Gospel of Luke during Holy Week this year, and encourage you to choose to read one of the accounts of the Good News of Jesus Christ, as well!
Spring Break snow--crazy!!