Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts!

As I mentioned before, I've caught the Valentine's Day bug, and have been making all kinds of heart embellishments that can go on cards, in collages, or on journal pages.  I thought I would share three ways to create a variety of Valentine hearts yourself.

I made heart templates in three sizes, the old-fashioned way:  I folded a paper over and drew half a heart, then cut it out so that I would have perfect symmetry.
First, I made postage stamp hearts:
For these, I cut around the template to create a heart-shaped piece of paper, and then glued on the red and pink colored postage stamps to fill the shape.  I trimmed around the edges, and voila!  Simple, simple, and a pretty way to use cancelled stamps.

Next, I used a techniqe I read about in a recent Cloth Paper Scissors eNewsletter to create these torn-paper hearts:
I tore various hand-painted papers into strips (these were all done with acrylic paints), and lightly glued them (with a glue stick) to a large piece of paper.  I used the sewing machine to sew bright thread horizontally and vertically across the strips.  Then I laid the heart templates on the back, used a pencil to outline the hearts, and cut the shapes out.  I went back to the sewing machine to create borders around the hearts. 
Finally, I made torn text-page hearts, using the same basic approach:
I alternated text pages in English, French, and German, and used light-colored thread for the horizontal and vertical stitches.  After cutting out the hearts, I used bright thread for around the edges.
I haven't used all of these hearts yet, but I'm kind of just enjoying them lying around in my work space, inspiring me and keeping me in the Valentine spirit.  After all, we have a whole month before we get to celebrate officially!


Janet said...

You're always so creative. I like all your hearts but I think the postage stamp hearts are my favorites.

lee said...

wow i really like these

Beansieleigh said...

Wow, LOVE the postage stamp hearts, but I'm afraid I'd have to buy my stamps brand new. Guess that wouldn't be too bad as long as my hearts aren't too BIG! (0; Love the torn paper hearts too, and can just imagine how ALL these hearts could be addicting! They look like fun!..
Thanks for sharing how, and hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! ~tina

scrapwordsmom said...

Ok....I LOVE these, Andria!! I ADORE hearts...they are most used in my work!! And this year in particular Hearts are speaking to me!!!! Thanks for the ideas:) said...

Look at all these... you are so creative Andria. Love your ideas. :]
Thank you for sharing your talents, always a pleasure visiting your blog. ~xx

VivJM said...

You really have got the Valentines bug!!
I love them all, but especially the one with stamps.

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~ Darlene said...

Very cute!

Following for sure!

Found you through 2 Bags Full!!

~ Darlene

Parabolic Muse said...

Wonderful, as usual. I've been thinking about sewing things lately. Why not hearts?!

You rock.

Karenann Young said...

What great ideas!!! I was running out of ideas for Valentines and here you come up with fabulous ones!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Tanya said...

OK - I HEART these! So many great things to look through here - glad you stopped by...working my way through the GYB Party list, slowly. On the fast track here, though - Happy Tuesday! Tanya

Joan said...

Its great to meet you at this party. I love the work you do. Very refreshing.

Carin Winkelman said...

So lovely! I love the variety of them.