Monday, December 3, 2012

Open Studio Tour

Over the weekend, I enjoyed the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Open Studio Tour

Though I worked for the School District of Haverford Township for nine years, I had no idea that this community was such a hotbed of artistry!  There were six studios on the tour, and all but one of them was located within a block or two of one another.  Each studio was in an artist's home, and additional artists (usually four or five) brought their work in to display and sell, as well.

It felt strange to walk right into someone's home and be ushered upstairs past kitchen cupboards and family photos and bedroom doors to find an art studio in their attic space! 

The first place had amazing mosaic work on the front porch, around the fireplace, and in the kitchen, but because it was someone's personal home and these areas weren't part of the tour, I didn't feel that I could go around snapping photos of their personal spaces!  I got a few shots out front, though, where surely no one would mind:
Look how they used toy cars and trucks as mosaic pieces on the front porch--love that!
This first location was the studio of Ilene Pearlman, who creates pictorial art quilts.  Her work was such fun to look at!  I took as many photos as I could because I knew I wanted to spend some more time exploring the details of her work once I was home.  Her web site has some photos of her work, as well, I was happy to discover.
Unfortunately, in my haste, I cropped the poor dog's nose!
I also loved the work of Sharon Bartmann who creates hand-built ceramics and raku.  I took several photos of her whimsical creations, as well, and you can check out her other work on her web site.
Most of the studio spaces had been transformed into display and sales areas, so some of the "studio feel" was lost in the process.  Murray Callahan, who creates hand painted frames and mirrors, left her entire work space intact and set up the items for sale in a separate area.   Happily, I could see her art-making space clearly--something I think we all like to get a look at!
I have seen references to Open Studio events on web sites before, but I guess it never occurred to me that there would be such an event near my own home!  I had two different friends tell me about the tour, both thinking that it would be something I would surely enjoy.  And they were right!  I will be keeping my eyes open now for similar Open Studio tours in the future.


Janet said...

I've never been to an open studio event but if I ever have the chance I'll jump at it! I love seeing where artists work...and how they work.

Adriann said...

The mosaics are pretty awesome! We have an annual home tour here where I live. I would love to participate in an open studio tour. Thanks for sharing! said...

Love open studio tours, very inspiring... right?!
Thank you for sharing, Andria. :]
It is always fascinating to see how other creative minds set up their work space.

VivJM said...

I am just loving those art quilts!

She Who Doodles said...

what a great event. so much nicer to see the artist work area then just a piece on a wall in a gallery. it get more sense of where the artist is coming from. it's more personal. love the mosaic work.

Shopgirl said...

I love quilts, and those are really special.Thinking of you on this fall evening, Mary

eli said...

I adore that mosaic on the front porch!... and everything else!

Did you get my email on nov 27th?

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, those mosaic pictures just floored me.

ha! I didn't intend that pun! how silly. Anyway, this is a wonderous space.