Sunday, November 25, 2012

While You Have Your Duct Tape Out...Part 2

After I made duct tape envelopes last week, I was further poking around Brit + Co. and found her tutorial for creating gift bags from duct tape.  If your duct tape is pretty and your gift is flat (like a book or card set), this is a pretty clever idea. 
The project has the added advantage of using papers that would otherwise be thrown into the recycle bin, like old catalog or magazine pages. 

When Brit created her gift bags, she used two separate pages for the two sides of the bag.  She laid down two criss-crossed layers of tape, and then taped three sides together.
For my bags, I used a single catalog page and folded it in half.  Then I just laid down one layer of duct tape, wrapping it around the edges to the other side.  Then I laid down one layer of tape on the other side, trimming the edges this time.  Finally, I used tape to reinforce the bottom.  I wasn't consciously trying to save tape, but my approach uses less tape anyway. 
One thing I did try to do consciously was select a catalog page that looked pretty when you peer down into the bag.  Pottery Barn Christmas catalogs have pretty full-page photos of decorated tables and trees.
The final step involved punching two holes at the top and inserting a ribbon to tie in a bow at the front.  Brit suggests that you could also use a shoe lace or yarn, and include a duct tape gift tag--cute!

Just another gift-wrapping option for you to consider this holiday season!


laurie said...

what a great idea! i always give my older nieces and nephews gift cards for christmas - this would be a fun way to wrap them up.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...yep, another great idea. I noticed that have come out with even more pattern of duct tape.

Shopgirl said...

I have found that duct tape is a wonderful product, it seems there are even more things to do with it than I thought...great idea.
Thank you for coming to visit me, I plan to come back and see more of your blogging. I did buy the pattern, I do love it. Mary
Oh yes, I am making envelopes for Christmas, I have a stack of them waiting for cards.

Adriann said...

Super cute idea! Last year my oldest made extra money by making and selling duct tape wallets. He was so proud of himself.

uncustomary said...

Speaking of your duct tape genius, I received an envelope from you today! Thank you very much for your note, you're awesome.