Saturday, September 22, 2012

"See the Good in Everyone" Girls

I am involved in a couple different individual postcard swaps right now, and decided to create some cards with the girls I've been drawing lately in my sketchbook.  For the first postcard, I used the same faces and hairstyles as the girls I showed in my previous post
Before I created the second postcard, I spent some time online investigating some other possible hairstyles, which I recorded in my sketchbook.
From these notes, I created this second postcard:
I added the words using alphabet rubber stamps as a final step.  I consider this my "See the Good in Everyone" series, and each of the words highlights a characteristic to be found in each of the girls.  For one of the postcards, I focused on adjectives to describe the girls:
For the other postcard, I focused on nouns, naming the girls' positive qualities:
I am having fun creating all these little characters, and imagine I have a few more pieces in me to add to my See the Good in Everyone series.

Enjoy a creative weekend!


VivJM said...

"See the good in everyone" is a great motto & your girls are wonderful! Love all the different hairstyles!

laurie said...

i love how unique each of these girls are! i did the same thing with postcards last year and when i was finished i felt like i had created this little family of real people - so much fun.

Curious said...

I liked the concept *-* and also the name of the series, very original! ^^

Parabolic Muse said...

I like these a lot. I find them charming. And it's a great idea for affirmations, as well. Focusing on positive qualities.

I may have to try this. My positive qualities will probably include intelligence, wit, baking skills, adding tax in different nations, turning off lights when leaving rooms, and laundry.

I hope you had a good weekend!

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