Monday, August 13, 2012

More Studio 791 Collages

In my last post, I shared some stitched ribbon collages that I made last week.  Today, I have some more collages to share, made with some ribbons and stitching, but mainly composed with paint and paper. 

The first one caused me a lot of agonizing!  I kept making additions and changes trying to make it just right.  While I basically like it, it feels a little "fussed over" to me now because of all the reworkings.  Let me know what you think about the final result!
Dreamer, 6"x6"
Paper, photo transfer, paint, pencil, pen, stitching
In my next collage, I used acrylic-painted background paper with a roughly-torn edge overlaid with a tissue-paper image from F.M. of LaWendula.  I stitched over some vintage rick-rack from my grandmother's sewing stash, a text page from my own collection, and a text page and paper doll image from F.M. 
The Garden is a Dream to Me, approx. 5"x7.5"
Paper, paint, rick-rack, stitching
The text at the top came from a short story called "The Diary of Adam and Eve" by Mark Twain.
In my last collage, I used only papers and a chipboard shell image from my F.M. collection, just adding a tiny swatch of ribbon stitched in the corner.
Requiem, 6"x5.5"
Paper, chipboard, ribbon, stitching
It was a fun challenge to use only the limited papers in one envelope to create a piece of art.  I think this last one is my favorite, though it could be the color scheme that appeals to me as much as anything.

Even after dabbling in drawing, painting, beading, and other forms or art and craft, collage remains my very favorite.  I love the process of selecting materials and arranging them on the page, determining how they should be oriented to one another and affixed to the project, considering the story they collectively tell.  It is fun, therapeutic, and satisfying!


lee said...

i love them all , the first one does not feel fussed over at all, they all flow and look great I have been making collages on my break as well just postcard size.

scrapwordsmom said...

I love how you just get to work and create!!! You inspire me soooooo much:)

Carin Winkelman said...

These and the ribbon collages are both very cute.

LaWendula said...

Lovely pages, Andria and I love that garden-"quote".
Good job! I am happy, that you find my papers useful!
btw: I have used some of your stuff too, you can find it on Flickr, as always...xo

eli said...

Coincido contigo! el de la cuchara es mi favorito también! Me encantan esos tonos :)

uncustomary said...

My favorite is definitely the last one. Absolutely wonderful. It's extremely elegant and it reminds me of like.. unearthing a relic. And of course I love the words on the piece above that one.

laurie said...

the transfer images add such a vintage, personal touch to your collages, which always tell their own unique story.

Karen Isaacson said...

you totally rocked that limited paper collage. it's beautiful. It's fun to work that way sometimes - the endless variety of supplies I have on hand can be overwhelming. it's fun to take on the challenge of some limitations. said...

Such an inspiring post!
Great work, Andria... I will admit, the last one stole my heart away. :]

Parabolic Muse said...

I like the first one. I love all the layers peeking. I like the colors a lot and I like the girl. It doesn't feel fussed over to me.
The last one is yummy. Not sure how I feel about the middle one. I think it makes me think of a sister in law I didn't care for.

HA! a little personal of me, but there it is!