Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Artist Date: Wayne

After my first Artist Date to Manayunk, I decided to keep the tradition alive with a trip to Wayne, a Mainline community about 25 minutes from my home.
I have lived in Wayne for a year, taught school in Wayne for a year, and attended a moms' group in Wayne for a year--none of them the same year--so it feels like my "old stomping grounds."

Plus, there is a beautiful Anthropologie store there, this time with a big "SALE" sign out front.  Need I say more?
When I told my mom about trying on clothes at Anthropologie as part of my Artist's Date, she was a little suspicious that Artist's Dates were turning into something more like glorified shopping trips.  Maybe so, maybe so.  But there are such beautiful displays, clothes, and object d'art in those stores that I think they constitute a legitimate Artist Date destination!

I decided to make my photo self-portrait a tradition as well, so here I am in a pretty polka dot dress in the dressing room, which I would have bought if it hadn't been cut so weird on the bottom that it was totally inappropriate for this almost-40 shopper.
After Anthropologie, I headed over to The Readers' Forum, which has a combination of new and used books for sale.  The aisles are arranged in a kind of pathway that leads you through the store. 
At first, the man who worked there was rather unfriendly, especially when I asked for change for the meter.  He lightened up once I was at the cash register with a pile of purchases.  Among them were two engagement calendars from the 1960s, which I thought would be great fun to alter as art journals.  I have already started working in the Venice-themed book, which I will share more about later.

I walked up and down North Wayne Avenue, as well as Lancaster Avenue, looking in store windows and stopping in a few gift shops.  I was looking forward to checking out a couple of consignment/ thrift shops, only to discover that they are closed for the summer.  I took some photos of Wayne Presbyterian Church, such a beautiful piece of Gothic architecture with its square towers, soaring steeple, and stained glass windows, right in the heart of town.
I ended my Artist Date with a cup of coffee at Cream & Sugar Cafe, my usual way to end any "alone time," to fortify myself for my return to Mommy Reality!
Have I convinced you to woo your Inner Artist with a little alone time together?


Caatje said...

How great you are doing these artist dates by yourself! I think the polkadot dress looks adorable (but I can only see the top half, so what do I know). Looks like you had a wonderful time.
I do many things on my own, since I live alone. I do go on outings by myself too, but if I really want to go anywhere off the island it costs me an entire day so that doesn't happen all that often. But...I compensate by many walks in nature and bringing my camera (or these days mostly just my phone) along. Who needs to go anywhere when there's beach, forest and dunes next door and a whole fantasy world in your head? ;-)

laurie said...

i'm convinced! however, my own date won't happen for awhile since my last few remaining days of summer break are BOOKED! once i get back to the school routine, i will really need a date with myself. i'm glad you had such a great time on yours and am looking forward to seeing what your wandering inspires.

Parabolic Muse said...

Actually, yes! You have convinced me. I think I'll do this on Saturday morning and see what I come up with! I'm always looking for interesting photos to put up on Instagram. Those church windows are beautiful. And I liked that dress, but I don't think you need to think about your age when you're shopping! Go back and get it, right now!

Mary Has Sound said...

I'm so excited that you are keeping this going. So good. I can't wait to see the books you bought!

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