Thursday, June 7, 2012

Week in Review

I've been having so much fun with the Index-Card-a-Day (ICAD) challenge, made even better by all the fun feedback I've been getting from you wonderful people!  (You can check out my first two cards--the fireflies here and the toadie here--if you haven't seen them yet.)

I've gotten on board with some of Tammy's inspirational prompts for the rest of my cards this week, and thought I would share the whole week's efforts at one time:
ICAD2:  Card #3
Theme:  Yellow
I made this postcard after waking up at 4:40 a.m. to take my friend Christina to the
airport on Sunday morning.  Ouch! 
ICAD2:  Card #4
Theme:  Maps
This index card sounds like it was complicated to put together, but it actually only took about 15 or 20 minutes.  I used a green and red pen to write on the index card some thoughts about the nature of the differences that divide us from others in the world, and whether or not we would discover more similarities than we would expect, if given the chance to find out.  Then, I put a splash of green over the writing, and used a bottle cap inked in magenta to add circles to the background.  I collaged a picture of a girl from a magazine article, with the skirt cut from an ink-edged swatch of map.  Finally I used various colors of pen to add a border around the card.  I think it looks kind of cool; I'm especially pleased with the map-skirt, and will be trying something along these lines on a larger scale in the future.
ICAD2:  Card #5
Themes:  Dragonfly, Grid, Dictionary
I think I like this index card best of all.  I glued a dictionary page to the index card, and
painted over it with French vanilla acrylic paint.  Then I added a few different colors of acrylic paint in a grid pattern over the card.  I used pencil to draw the dragonflies, then went over them with black pen.  I added blue and black watercolor paint with my waterbrush to one, and red and black watercolor paint with my waterbrush to the other.
ICAD2:  Card #6
Theme:  Fish
I like to call this one, "You win some, you lose some."  Yeah, it doesn't look so great, but it's still kind of fun.  I painted the card with blue acrylic paint, then stamped the fish with black Staz-On ink.  I used acrylic paint to add color to the fish, and paint and marker for my seaweed.  I highlighted the fish then in black ink.  I just kept going back trying again and again to make it look better.  Then I reminded myself,  This is an index card, and tomorrow is another day.  Wrap it up!
ICAD2:  Card #7
I didn't follow a theme for this one, but just used a doodle I've been doing a lot lately. 
I call it, "Wheel-spoke amoebas."  There's no deep significance,
just a great way to pass the time and calm my mind!

So far, so good with this ICAD challenge.  It has been a lot of fun to see what the day will bring, and what style is going to come out of the day's effort.  It is a great way to keep me doing something creative on a daily basis, without feeling too overwhelmed at the prospect.

If you want to learn more about the project, check out the details at Daisy Yellow!


Karenann Young said...

Love your index cards!!! Looks like fun! You are doing a great job!

Unknown said...

love your last card so much!

Carin Winkelman said...

So fabulous! You'll have a wonderful collection if you keep going like this. I love the last doodle a lot, but also the woman with the map skirt. Look forward to seeing what you'll be making next.

Karen Isaacson said...

I'm captivated by your doodles. I could get lost in there. Love your "win some, lose some" attitude. I was so over-tired last night, and kind of grouchy, and kept ripping up failed index cards and getting stressed. I finally had to tell myself to get a grip. it's an index card. slapped one together and called it a night.

scrapwordsmom said...

Each of your cards are so different....I have been thinking about using a map, too. Love how you used it to make a girl's always you inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie said...

Fabulous doodle!

Jana said...

Your cards are all amazing. I love that each one is so different from the next.

Snap said...

Your ICADs are all wonderful. Love the coffee pot and the doodle -- they are my favorites!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

While I really like all your cards my mouth just dropped open for that last one, way to go with that! I'd say you're officially on fire.

Maggie said...

These are all so great. I can imagine the love of your coffee pot when having to get up at that hour. I just love your map girl. I like the idea of journaling ideas and then partially covering them up. I think we are all more similar than different if only we would take the time to learn about others, near and far. Thanks for visiting my blog.

pooky said...

Love your cards! My favorite is the coffee pot...hehe.. love it:) tfs!

Terrie said...

What a bunch of delicious creativity! There are some really great cards here - looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for the visit.

Judith said...

Doodles are GREAT! Fun cards...Judith, Texas said...

You are on a roll... Andria!!
Really enjoyed viewing them all.
Each holds its own personality, great work.
I agree with Karenann... looks like you are having fun! :]

Natasha said...

I love your cards. I like hearing the stories behind our cards. I love the last card. So effective!