Thursday, June 21, 2012

ICAD Recap

It's been awhile since I shared my daily index cards, so here is a gallery of my latest:

Theme:  Stripes
I used strips of decorative tapes...super simple!

ICAD #10
Theme:  Grid, Alphabet Stamps
I did a crayon resist for the background, and used my small alphabet stamps
to write the following:  "Trust in the process.  Enjoy creativity every day. 
Just begin.  Dream big. Start small.  Is it in you?  Use your voice." 
Some good reminders!

ICAD #11
Theme:  Alphabet Stamps

ICAD #12
Theme:  Alphabet Stamps
I can't seem to put those alphabet stamps away!

ICAD #13
Themes:  Black and White, Experiment
Experiment!  It is good for the soul.

ICAD #14
Confetti Lines I
I made these based on an exercise in Quinn McDonald's book, Raw Art Journaling.

ICAD #15
Confetti Lines II
Another card based on an exercise in Quinn's book.

ICAD #16
Theme:  Swirls
I added some of my glitter pen to some of the spirals, but it doesn't show up here.

ICAD #17
Grid Series:  Green Grid

ICAD #18
Grid Series:  Purple Grid

ICAD #19
Grid Series:  Blue Grid

ICAD #20
Grid Series:  Orange Grid

ICAD #21
Grid Series:  Mixed Grid

For more information about the ICAD project, check out Tammy's web site, Daisy Yellow!


ashton elaine said...

Lovely cards! That first one may be my favorite. It reminds me of Mondrian's artwork.

Frances Traina said...

these are great! terrific work:)

Karenann Young said...

Love the wonderful variety of your index cards! They are so creative!

pooky said...

So cool!!! Love all the variations:) Aren't alpha stamps!

Mary Has Sound said...

Confetti lines!!! (#10 and #13 are awesome)

Kristin Dudish said...

What a fun series of card - I like the way you're using the prompts :)

(I also love your list of 100 Creative Actions... Very cool!)


Jackie said...

Those confetti lines are very cool! I think I must try that!

Bad Jones Rising said...

OOOH Love that grid series lady! Look at you. Also #12 hits all the right buttons for me. Good job on keeping up.

Anne said...

There's something special about each one but the grid pattern struck a chord -- might have to try that. I thought the spirals were interesting because you and I do so much that's similar but my spirals always go in the opposite direction.

April Cole said...

FUN & CREATIVE... thank you for the recap!
I really enjoyed looking over all your cards, such a selection. Great work, Andria :]

VivJM said...

Great cards! Really love the different colour grids

Parabolic Muse said...

Is ICAD lasting past June 30? I am just always packing in more things to do, and unlike yourself, with children and kitties and church and a family and 8 hours sleep a night, I have almost nothing to keep me from doing my cards! So I'm completely behind!

But enough about you.

These are wonderful cards and a lot of fun to see all together like this. It inspires me to see what a person can do when she's on a roll!

Natasha said...

Love these cards!! Sparking of some ideas for my own cards! :) Thank you.

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