Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paint Chip Pockets

In the May 2012 Country Living magazine, the Idea Notebook suggests stitching those free paint chips from the hardware store on three sides to create pockets that can be tacked onto bulletin boards for clever organization. 
I just happened to have a number of those paint swatch cards in my craft stash, and--as you know--I love stitching paper, so I couldn't resist giving this simple craft a try:
I'm not sure how practical they are as bulletin board organizers; let's just say they don't hold a whole lot.  I didn't have an available cork board handy to test them, so I photographed mine laying on the work table.  They look pretty nifty, don't you think?
It occurred to me as I was making them, though, that they would make awesome little pockets for art journal pages. 
There really isn't anything complicated about making these little pockets.  You just stack two cards of the same size together with the right sides facing out, then stitch along the bottom and sides with contrasting thread.  And you can give all your sewing machine's fancy stitches a try while you are at it!  

Enjoy an artful Memorial Day holiday!

20 comments: said...

Very fun!! They would be great to add to journals or mail....

Linda said...

This is such a cute idea for journal pages. I love it, and I'm going to try it. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family. Linda E.

Cheryl said...

Fantastic idea for journal pages. I also thought of ATC holders or gift card holders.

uncustomary said...

I really love anything to do with paint chip cards. This is very cute. Also, I'm wondering if other countries have this luxury of free color strips at stores that sell paint? Can I get any feedback on that?

pooky said...

So cool!!!! Thanks for the tip...and they are FREE:)

donna!ee said...

excellent...thank you much for sharing! blest be ;)

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...I love your pocket idea. I have used the long narrow strips of paint samples as borders. You can cut them into halves or whatever size you want. Also, in the post below...the idea for the shoe rack is a great one...much better than having a pile of shoes by the door. Have a great week!!!

laurie said...

this is a great idea - i love to put little envelopes and pockets on my journal pages to tuck notes into.

Anne Butera said...

Great project. I love (collecting and) using paint chips in projects.

Janet said...

You just keep coming up with these great little ideas!

Karen Isaacson said...


lee said...

great idea thanks for the tips

eli said...

One can never get enough of those paint chips :p

eli said...

Answer to Mary: speaking about Argentina, in the town where I live, stores don't let them go easily! May be in bigger cities they are more generous?

scrapwordsmom said...

Another clever idea from you!! Truly...I get soo many cool ideas from you, Andria:)

I want to send you out won't be for awhile because I am gathering stuff...but just know I am going to do it sometime in the near future!!:)

Karenann Young said...

Great idea!!! said...

Oh what a clever idea... I LOVE IT!!
Paint swatch pockets!!! :]

RuthArt said...

I love this idea....I always stop by the paint area when in Lowes or Home Depot....I thought I would use them for art, but I've never tried sewing cool is that!!!

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