Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Mailbox Mystery

I recently discovered the delightful, upbeat blog of Mary England, called Lust for Life.

Mary is a 20-something, mail-art loving, positive-energy giving blogger who lives near Baltimore, not far down the road from me.

She recently gave away some Hallmark postcard packs she found while thrift shopping, and I was lucky enough to win one of them.

Because Mary loves mail art, just like I do, her package to me was lots of fun:
I think the very best part was her Moo card, which listed her name as "Mary England, Life Enthusiast" great is that!?!

And the postcards were very sweet:
Now here comes the mystery:  The envelope arrived with the bottom slit open; however, it did not appear that anything had slipped out.  Included in the contents were a handful of photos that looked like they were taken at a prom in the 1980s; the back of the photos, however, said that they were developed at WalMart just this month.
When I asked Mary about where she got them, she didn't know anything about them!!

Now, could it be possible that someone opened my mail to put something into the envelope, rather than to take something out?  Is this some sort of mail prank? 

A mailbox mystery, to be sure.

I still haven't heard from Bonnie, the winner of my recent giveaway. If I haven't heard from her by Sunday, May 20, I will be drawing for a new winner from the original entries.


uncustomary said...

Andria! You sweet lady! Thank you for this. And OH MY GOSH I DEFINITELY do NOT know where those pictures came from. How strange?!?!? That's so weird. Very interesting, though. <3

Adriann said...

Sometimes the post office will put things into an envelope thinking they fell out of them. It is strange. Love the mail art! said...

Crazy! But why was YOUR envelope slit open?????

eli said...

I discovered Mary's blog some days ago too! and I'm loving it (and her!)
Love the mail art, mystery included :)

lee said...

i will check out her blog, and the envelope weird

lee said...

i will check out her blog, and the envelope weird said...

OH MY GOODNESS... such a mystery!!
Got to love it tho. :]
Thank you for sharing this story, soooo interesting.
The only question left is... what to do with those photos, huh? (LOL)
Also, thank you sharing Mary's link too.
Take care, Andria.

Anne Butera said...

Wow! What a mystery. How awesome is that? (Those photos are hilarious. Gotta be old negatives re-printed).

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Jo Murray said...

How very strange! Will be checking ou Mary's blog... thanks for the link.

laurie said...

what a mystery! and a testimony to the truth of a comment my mom always made "life is interesting." yes, indeed! i am finishing up the school year and then plan to put some mail art out there. thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

quinncreative said...

What a wonderful mystery. Photos lost, photos found. A special delivery, for sure! The mail art is lovely. And as for "life enthusiast"--well, that is true for both of you!

aimee said...

the weirdest, coolest thing I've heard all day! wow!

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