Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garish Sights at the Boardwalk

As our Jersey Shore vacation draws to a close, I thought I would share some of the more garish sights to behold on the boardwalk.  During the high tourist season, which will begin in a couple of weeks over Memorial Day weekend, it is probably the people themselves who would draw the most attention.  But, as you can see below, by coming in mid-May, we have COMPLETELY missed the crowds.  In fact, we are almost the only ones here!
But some of the great boardwalk decor is year-round:
Even though my littler girl was frightened of this giant gorilla, she was captivated by the fact that, to her eye, he seemed to be eating "pretend ice cream."  Perhaps because she was dreaming of some ice cream for herself every time we set foot on the boardwalk!
I couldn't resist a photo of a store called "Bad Kitty"...home of henna and hair wraps and other beach-day must-haves!
Pirates never go out of style at the shore, I suppose.
There's something a bit haunting about an abandoned amusement park.  The rides sit there so silent and useless.  My younger daughter kept asking when she would be able to ride the "fairest wheel"...that will have to await another vacation, another season!
They seem to have a thing for whales around here...
...which I suppose is to be expected when you're at the beach!  But can someone please explain...
the fascination with dragons??!!
I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of some of the more garish sights of the Ocean City, New Jersey, boardwalk!  Next up, I'll share some of the more artful aspects of my week away.


uncustomary said...

Really loving those dragons!
When I was little my parents used to take us to Ocean City (MD) every February. We stayed in this giant pink hotel that was next to where the boardwalk began. I actually really loved being there with no crowds even though it was cold. I found some of the best seashells of my life then because there was no one there to grab them up first!
PS - Pirates are always in style, silly.

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