Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Rolodex Collages

I'm back to the small "canvas" of Rolodex cards for my collages, and I feel like the whole process has finally "clicked" for me.
It's getting easier not to agonize over every little word and image choice.
It's getting easier not to worry about "too much" or "too little" on a card.
It's getting more and more fun to watch colors and images and themes fall together among the scraps on my table.
It's getting easier to "get over" the cards I don't end up liking as much.
And, as always, I value a project that lets me use all of the bits and scraps that I can't resist saving from catalogs and magazines.
I keep saying I'm *almost* ready to join in on the Rolodex swapping craze going on out there.
Now, I think I really am!
If you like to alter Rolodex cards, too, and would be interested in swapping, please send me an email at, and we can make arrangements!
Another place to swap is over at Artist April Cole's website for Rolodex card trading.
I see that Swap-bot has several groups set up for Rolodex card swapping, but I haven't quite figured out how to navigate the site to see if there is anything going on currently.  I found most of their old swaps by searching "Rolodex swap" in Yahoo.
A very inspiring place to visit to learn more about altering Rolodex cards is Patty van Dorin's web site.
If you click on "Scrapodex" in the left-hand column under "Categories" on Patty's page, you can see all the entries she has written about the Rolodex cards she has both created and received. 

Something I noticed about Patty's cards:  Rather than creating whole collages on each card, she truly does make it a showcase for pretty scraps.  A card might contain one pretty image or a few attractive scraps, quite often stitched.  There is great appeal in approaching the Rolodex project like that, instead of feeling any "requirement" that each card hold its own complete collage.  Just something to consider!

Happy Rolodex scrapping! 


Dolly B said...

What a great idea, love your cards. You will always have a quote to add to a layout, fabulous


laurie said...

this looks like so much fun and the results are ah-worthy. :-) i have so much on my plate right now but would love to get into rolodex cards someday in the future (when i retire- ha!)

lee said...

I love your cards, they look great, I am to look at the other link

lee said...

I love your cards, they look great, I am to look at the other link

Kym said...

This is a fabulous idea and I like the size. So portable. You can do it on vacation or in a cafe! Inspiring. I may try this. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you mix words and pictures so beautifully. These are super!

Carin Winkelman said...

Your rolodex is becoming a real feast on the eyes! What a joy to look at.

scrapwordsmom said...

I am loving these!! are growing as an artist. So fun to watch!!:) I am intrigued by want to do but I am working on some projects now. Soon!!!

Andria said...

Thanks,'s true that these could make a nice addition to a journal or scrapbook page.

Definitely look into it when you have some time,'s more of an "immediate gratification" project than some things!

Thanks, Lee. Patty's stuff is so fun to look at!

Kym, it WOULD make a great portable project for "on the go"...a card, a gluestick, and an envelope of it!

Thanks, Viv! (I almost didn't recognize you, using your new name!!)

Thanks, Caatje...every card fills it up a little more "deliciously"!

Thanks so much for your encouragement, Leslie! said...

You know I'm in girly!!! :]
Let's talk :]
You have a very nice collection... love it!
Thank you for sharing, and the "shout out" on my Altered Rolodex Card Swap Project

Parabolic Muse said...

Andria, I LOVE rolodex collaging. I didn't know there was a craze going on! I haven't known anyone to work with them for years.
Your rolodex looks so yummy with all those cool cards in there. I'm going to email you.