Friday, December 2, 2011

Altered Rolodex Cards

I have been creating altered Rolodex cards today for the first time since I first posted some efforts at the beginning of October
With the help of advice and examples from Karenann, I have a better eye for clipping tiny photos, letters, words, and numbers from magazines and catalogs that make good potential Rolodex card fodder.
There are so many tiny little images that are so easy to pass over, but which are perfect for these itty-bitty collages.  I keep them in a separate envelope from the rest of my collage fodder, or they would be completely lost in the shuffle.
When I first started putting cards together, I wanted them to have words.  But I didn't know what words to pick, so I found myself defaulting to quotations.  That was fine, but I wasn't really looking for another way to display a quotation collection.  This time I stayed away from words pretty much altogether and stuck with visual images.  At first, I felt like maybe something was missing, but when I came back to look at them later, I kind of like them without any words.
A couple of these cards have a top-secret destination.  The other two will make their home, at least for awhile, in the Rolodex holder on my desk.  It's rather satisfying to watch it get fatter and fatter with these small, colorful collages.

Enjoy a happy, creative weekend!


donna!ee said...

excellent rolo collage of both color & content! :)

Anne said...

By not adding either your words or a quotation, you give whoever looks at them a chance to make their own story. A picture (or collage!) may be worth 1,000 words but I'll bet everyone's words are different! Your work often reminds me of Where's Waldo because I get one overall impression at first glance -- then keep finding details I missed. Love it!

laurie said...

oh, i could look at these for hours! so many details. i like to make connections between the pieces on each card. such a fun project.

Janet said...

These look great! They're beautiful. You make me want to get busy on my Rolodex cards. I keep forgetting about them. said...

I am in love with these!!!
FANTASTIC work, Andria.
Looks like someone is ready to swap???

Beansieleigh said...

I have not YET altered Rolodex cards. In fact, I just bought a used one, so that I could try my hand at it, maybe swap some with them, but then I found my rolo cards are older, therefore BIGGER than the ones everybody else are doing now... SO-oooo, I guess I will just alter them for MYSELF, making each addressed card fitting the personality or occupation of each family member or friend, and that will be fun enough for ME! Love how yours came out! Nice work! Enjoy your weekend! ~tina

Andria said...

Thanks, Donnalee!

That's what I thought, Mom! You can kind of make up little stories from all of the images. I think my love of Where's Waldo and those style of books must have pushed me into my love of little collages with lots of tiny images!

Thanks, Laurie!

Give it a try, Janet; I'd love to see your cards!

I might just be ready to swap now, April!

That sounds like a great project, make the cards match the personalities of the people whose addresses are on them! Mine are a different shape than many (with the rounded tops). I'm curious how big your vintage cards are.

Karenann Young said...

Your rolodex cards look great! Love looking at them! I also put my "little" goodies in a special place. Actually they are in a Pokeman tin box that I picked up at a Dollar Store years ago. I throw little bits of stuff in there that I think I might use for Rolodex or ATC cards. Like you said, otherwise they would be lost in the shuffle or thrown out! Keep up the great work!

lee said...

i love those rolodex cards of yours,the collage is perfect

LaWendula said...

These are fun! :)

Natty said...

I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time! Love what you're doing with these! :)

Andria said...

Karenann, I'm glad you like them. You might be seeing one or two up close and personal soon...

Thanks, Lee and F.M!

I think you would have fun with it, Natty!

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