Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yard Sale Loot!

The first crisp breaths of the coming autumn brought us out to enjoy Garage Sale Days in the nearby town of Media, Pennsylvania, this morning.  My mother is in town for the weekend from Kentucky, so we piled into the  mini-van with the girls to meander from yard to yard, looking to find our own personal treasure among other folks' trash.
Even though I'm not Catholic, I couldn't pass up a handful of religious charms in a box marked "free."
The green beads and turtles on this necklace caught my eye for a dollar.  I don't know if I will re-purpose them in another piece, or just enjoy how they look now.  I have very few specific plans for the things I bought today!
These Chinese chops are each two-ended, so I now have symbols for good omen, harmony, peace, wisdom, love, success, strength, and longevity.  They came in a wooden box with a tiny red ink pad, and a book entitled, The Art of Chinese Chops.  Not a bad find for 50 cents!
I bought a book of Robert Louis Stevenson verses with these fabulous illustrations by Alice and Martin Provensen, from the 1950s.

I also bought a special World War II: 40 Years Later issue of Life magazine from 1985.  It has some great photos that may make their way into my projects.

An edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer from September 1953 has some great old advertisements and other illustrations, focused on the Delaware Valley, where I live. 
This mermaid illustration was the first thing I saw when I opened up the magazine, and it won me over!
My husband picked up a headset for his phone, and we picked up LOTS of little trinkets for the girls.  Along with a quilted fabric bag for Bayla to carry to preschool next week, here was my younger daughter's stash:
(I couldn't get my older daughter's new playthings in one spot long enough for a photo!)

Yard sales can be a little harrowing with preschoolers in tow:  they want to touch EVERYTHING, and the concept of "breakable" is pretty much lost on them.  (At one point, I was lecturing the whole, "Look with your eyes; don't touch with your hands," at the very same time I was reaching out to handle just about every item on a table of interest.  No wonder accusations of hypocrisy are thrown around by the time our kids reach their teenage years!)  But the girls were remarkably fun and easy to take around (especially with Daddy and Grandma's hands to share the effort).

And it was such a great excuse to spend the morning outside in the fresh, almost-autumn air.  Plus, to be able to share it with my mother, whom I do not see NEARLY enough to suit me, was the greatest treat of all!

What is YOUR favorite thing about hitting yard sales in the autumn season?


laurie said...

wow! those are some great finds. i can't wait to see how you use all that new material. i don't go to yard sales nearly enough. but you have inspired me to slow down the next time i pass one...

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh I am soooo jealous over those girl prints and illustrations. I look for those everywhere!!! Wonderful find!!!!!

Garage sales and auctions are so much fun. I go as often as I can!!!!

Janet said...

You found some great items. The little green turtle beads and the Chinese chops are my favorites. I like yard sales and thrift shops but sadly around here they aren't very good.

Caatje said...

Wow, those are some great finds. I am especially jealous of the free charms. Lucky you!

April Cole said...

Oh my, love your loot!
Those religious charms, priceless :]
If you don't know what to do with them, I will take them off your hands... any day!! he,hee,heee <3

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