Monday, August 22, 2011

Finishing Up My Journal In the Sun

Though the sun is still blazing hot, and kids around here still aren't back to school, there is a definite sense that summer is drawing to a close.  And with it, Natalie Malik is bringing an end to her art journaling eCourse, "In the Sun." 

I went back to create a cover for my journal after completing most of the prompts:
{paper tape, acrylic-painted paper, magazine image, rub-on, stickers}

Here are some of the final pages I completed by following her journaling prompts:
{Dream job:  travel writer for a magazine, one summer only, please.}
{Positive changes I've made this summer: 
they definitely include starting my Happiness Project!}
{Favorite memory of the summer:  Road trip to see my mom in Kentucky...who knew I could drive for so long?!}
{What can I do to make next summer better?  This one has been great;
I want to remember the benefits of planning some activities and
excursions ahead of time, so I have the same kind of "menu" of
options to pick from next time around.}
{Resolutions Re-Vamp:  Natty wanted us to look back at our 2011 resolutions to see what we wanted to update and change...I couldn't even find where I had written them!}
{Resolutions Re-Vamp continued:  I made some new resolutions,
focused on the month of August.  This list came pre-Happiness Project,
but most of them still stand.}
{Natty asked us, "What would you do with five more minutes in your day?"  I decided to respond to, "What CAN you do with five more minutes?" and brainstormed as many things as I could think of as I made this page.}

There are a few more blank pages in my journal, and a few more prompts I haven't responded to yet, so I imagine I will do just a little more work before I put this journal to rest. 

I have appreciated "In the Sun" as my first try at an eCourse, and I've seen the pluses and the minuses involved in me trying to follow prompts created by someone else for the creation of my journal.  I've also seen the pluses and the minuses of my own self-created parameters--a smaller book size, mainly dry media, quick page creation instead of laboring for fancy lettering and that sort of thing. 

And I already have in mind my next creative eCourse to take...but more about that later!


laurie said...

your journal looks great and i'm sure it is going to be even more fun for you to pull out in the middle of winter or at the beginning of next summer. :-)

m i c h e l l e said...

Super cute pages with a easy-going and clean style! Really nice!

Carin Winkelman said...

Looks like you had fun with this course and now have a book to remind you of this summer. Can't wait to hear what online class you will take now!

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Andria...great journal pages! I envy your ability to write. It's still warm here in Arkansas too.

Andria said...

I hadn't really thought about how much fun it will be to look back on the summer through my journal; thanks for that, Laurie! Thank you, Michelle! Caatje, I'll "reveal" the eCourse soon. My "ability to write," Mary...that makes me laugh, because I'm always bemoaning my handwriting!

Parabolic Muse said...

I have to say, I knew a couple of other people who talked about doing this, but you have definitely gotten it done! Like the organization and journaling you include. I could learn a bit more about discipline, that's for sure. I don't even have two little girls and I can't get that much done! Give yourself some mad props!