Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOYWW: Magazine Love

So here is my desk this Wednesday morning. Quite a mess…not sure I can even see to the bottom of all the papers I have spread around. I have a paper crafting project underway, which I’ll blog about when I’m a little further along.
{My inspiration board is still up there inspiring me!
I haven’t changed it in any way;
it looks so pretty to me as it is.}

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Have you seen this new magazine, Mollie Makes?
I figured that my UK friends who participate in WOYWW might have seen it, since it’s published over that way. It costs $12 in the U.S. (!), but I used a 50% off coupon at JoAnn to bring it down to a more reasonable $6.

It even comes with a nifty free craft in an envelope attached to the front cover. For this first issue, they’ve included felt pieces and a button to craft a smartphone case.
The magazine’s subtitle is “Living and Loving Handmade,” and it focuses on “making, thrifting, collecting, crafting.” They obviously have ME in mind as their focus audience!

Of course, living all the way over in the United States, there’s no way for me to go to great places like Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross, London, or Handmade Kenilworth in Warwickshire. But I can live vicariously through the magazine articles and yummy photos, and I’ll have a readymade “To Do” list the next time I do some international travel!

If you check out the magazine, you can learn to make crocheted apple jackets (featured on the cover), which are so deliciously impractical and cute. Other projects include fabric garlands, aprons, Peter Pan collars, felt Chihuahuas, paper mobiles, and fabric eggs. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

And besides the crafts, Mollie Makes features some beautiful homes decorated in the most lovely, handcrafted style.

It costs almost $100 for a magazine subscription in the States, so THAT won’t be happening, but I will definitely pick up future issues when I have a coupon in hand!


Finally, I wanted to share a fun little craft I read about and tried yesterday afternoon. I was at the pharmacy, and browsed through Fresh Style magazine. One of the featured crafts turns a wine cork into a little card display.
{Featuring a lovely postcard by April Cole!}

All you have to do is cut a groove along the side of the cork, from the outer edge to the center. Then you can use a ball-head pin to balance the cork in back.

Presto! You have a cute little card display for postcards or ATCs.

Happy, creative Wednesday to you!


Di said...

Lots of goodies here to peek at. And thanks so much for the cork hint - my OH will never throw a cork out, he says they have so many uses, so now I have a new one to show him!! Thanks for calling by my blog on WOYWW!! Hugs, Di xxx

VivJM said...

I'm in the UK and have never seen Mollie Makes! Will definitely have to look out for it.
Great idea for the corks, will definitely have to try that.
Always look forward to seeing your Wednesday posts ;-)

laurie said...

i will have to be on the lookout for that magazine! can't wait to see your new project.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Hi Andria,
I guess your pif has still not arrived. For some reason, parcels from this country seem to take longer than parcels coming in. I hope you will get it very soon, it was ready and sent off straight away. Thanks for sharing all your things with us again this week.

Sarn said...

LOVE that cork and pin idea! Thanks for sharing.


Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY DESK here

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for the Magz tip, spent 2 hrs there yesterday but didn't see this one.
Love your busy desk...hope to get my little bottle collection posted by next week. Love the little flowers, have it sitting in my kitchen window with the others.
Enjoy WOYWW thanks for stopping by. Hugs #71

famfa said...

What a corking idea. I have that magazine and I love it. Can't persuade my son to take the apple cover to school unfortunately.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I am so glad the pif has arrived safely and that you like it. I enjoyed doing it.

Mrs A. said...

Nifty idea with the cork screw. Thanks for shearing. Yes having to move the furniture is a bit of a bind but worth it. The carpets take about two days to dry out but then they feel like you are walkng on air. Hugs Mrs A. #98

She Who Doodles said...

thanks for visiting, love the cork idea. i'm doing an art fair next month and that would be an inexpensive way to display some small cards. thanks.

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

What a great idea with the corck. Thanks for sharing. :) Happy WOYWW!

Kathleen said...

Your inspiration board is a wonderful idea, I think I'll have to attempt one for myself and my many blank creative times.
I'm in the UK and I think I've seen a copy of the Mollie Makes magazine in Hobby Craft but not in the Newsagents. At last a really useful way to revamp those corks. Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment.
Kathleen x

Cardarian said...

A nice and messy desk...that is what we woywwers want to see! Love the cork idea...

Polly Polkadot said...

Living in rural Wales may make me closer to London, but it doesn't make it any more accessible! I love the state of your desk, it shouts 'work in progress'!

Carin Winkelman said...

I don't know why, but that cork thing made me think of the invention of the paperclip, so simple, so effective. Nice.
And the look of your messy desk makes me happy, I love all that paper!

Anne said...

Thanks for the cork idea -- great way to prop a recipe card while cooking!

Joyfulploys said...

Oh...if you could only see my work space...yours isn't bad at all. Looks like you are doing all kinds of creative projects! Thanks for the tip about the cork.

Elizabeth said...

Love your inspiration board and the cork idea is great, simple but effective. Can't say I've seen that magazine here in Scotland yet but thanks for sharing. Apple covers - whatever next :) Have a great week. Elizabeth x #79

J.A. Martin said...

I'm going to look for that magazine - it's sounds like a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW! :-)

okienurse said...

Nice looking desk. I love all the things to look around at. The cork hint is great! My husband keeps every cork and I think I will steal a few. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46 said...

What a clever idea a cork... love it! :]
Thank you for sharing magazine info, good stuff.
You are very inspiring... love visiting your blog <3

Anonymous said...

Didn't think you could get magazines with the coupons, I'll have to have another look at that! Love your desk chaos this week, so much to look at. Have a great weekend.

Brenda 73

Serendipity Stamping said...

A creative working desk there today. Guess I will be on the lookout for this magazine too. Thanks for sharing and have fun teaching your class. Are the grownups as funny as the kids? #101