Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Three Things

I have Five Things posts, so why not Three Things? Sometimes there are only three things to talk about!

I am in the throes of a babysitter search.

I’m just looking for a few hours a week, when I can grocery shop alone (the value of which should not be underestimated!), get a cup of coffee (ahhhhhh!), maybe even sit in front of the sewing machine and actually work on a project (!).

To make the search easier (ha), I joined SitterCity.com. It’s kind of “eHarmony for the babysitting set”. Only the stakes feel higher now. When it’s a matter of dating, you know enough to schedule the test date in a public place, and if the guy turns out to be a wacko, you walk away—a couple hours lost, but no harm done. But with a babysitter, you must determine wacko status well in advance of exposing your children to her care.

The pressure is on!

Having said that, the experience has been mostly positive. Twenty-two applicants in two weeks, many of whom live right in my own township. Most are college students looking for summer work; many assure me availability into the fall. Lots of nursing students and elementary ed. majors.

I was ready to hire one applicant who lives less than a mile away, but she backed out when she determined she needs work four days a week to pay for rent on her new apartment. Hmmmm, I was offering five HOURS a week, she needs four DAYS a week. A little forethought might have saved us all some time there.

My “second-runner-up” (only behind the first girl because I had to pick someone) is now my frontrunner, and I feel very positively about her. The “test date” with the kids is coming up soon. After that, I just hope I can count on her reliability.

I’m a stay-at-home-mom; aside from a few (very few, she thinks with a sigh) date nights, I’m not used to entrusting my children to the care of others. No one does it quite like Mom, right? But I think Mom is going to do it that much better when she gets a little mini-vacay on a weekly basis! Playing the babysitter version of The Dating Game is worth it for that!

Participating in a second postcard swap, this one hosted by Danielle at A Love Affair With Paper, has brought two beautiful pieces of art to my mailbox last week. I was hoping to receive all four that would have meant full participation, but I think the two I received are a worthy exchange for the four I made. Look at these beauties:

First, from Danielle, the swap hostess:
I have told her that it includes all of the elements I love: a vintage photo, a scrap of music, a text stamp, and a meaningful quotation. It’s a beauty!

And from April in California:
Don’t you think she could illustrate a children’s book in this style, a la Eric Carle? It is so charming, and I love the way she uses elements like masking tape and a paint sample to create her composition. Check out her blog here! Not only does she share her own beautiful artwork, but she shares amazing links to inspiring blogs and web sites every week.

Need I say more? How cute are these little boys? I traveled to Atlanta this past weekend to meet my two little twin nephews, nearly four months old.

I just hope these adorable boys bring you a little smile as you move forward into your week!

Happy Tuesday!


scrapwordsmom said...

That elephant IS totally darling!!

I hired a sitter when my kids were little so I could have some me time...it was wonderful and my sitter was wonderful...she always had fun activities for them. I think it was a nice break for all of us:) Best of luck finding one that fits your family.

I am so happy we found each other on the Web. I appreciate your comments on my blog and I enjoy reading your posts!! A win/win!!!

Have a glorious day:)

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, man, I would be SO anal when it comes to hiring a sitter! We've often agreed that I'd be the most protective mom on the planet, to the point of not letting the kids out in the yard. Maybe that changes when real life takes over, but wow. Then I think about all the people I've known who will not go on dates because tehy can't bear to trust anyone, and I feel sad for them. It's always good for the kids to be with other people and for the sitter to get experience and responsibility. It's good all around... so good luck with it! You deserve an uninterrupted cup of coffee!

TJ said...

Argh! The babysitter hunt. I feel your pain sister. Hopefully you will find the perfect fit to your family and it will bring you so much fun and happiness!! Best wishes from germany, tj

Carin Winkelman said...

Hihi, the look on the face of that left boy. Like he's totally shocked to be lying there! ;-)

Andria said...

Leslie, I'm so glad to have found you and your blog as well! I appreciate everyone's supportive words about getting a sitter so I can have some time for my own errands and activities. The trial "sitting" was this morning, and while I got a lot done, I was a little bundle of anxiety until I got back home again and saw that the girls were just fine!

Caatje, little Kiran always looks a little shell-shocked to be in this world. He's precious!

Janet said...

Finding a good babysitter can be a challenge. When my kids were small we lived near a hospital and there were nursing students who were always looking for jobs. We were lucky to find a girl from there and we felt comfortable that she would be able to handle an emergency if she had to. And my kids liked her so that made it perfect.

Your little nephews are adorable!

Anonymous said...

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