Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Journal Every Day: Friday Update!

This week was one of those times where “real life” stands in the way of my best creative intentions.

In one week’s time I discovered that we need a new air conditioner, that my younger daughter has a peanut allergy, that I drove over a razor blade that popped my back right tire, that I have another cold, and that the dishwasher is broken.

Obviously, handling all of these developments cut into my art time, but I still managed to play a bit, and thought I would share:

This Motherhood spread is my favorite from this week. I cut the image from a book awhile back…not sure of the source. The lettering is based on a very simple technique I learned from a video by Paula Phillips at Journal Artista.

Basically you just write in cursive, draw a line that traces around all of the letters, and then fill that in for a nice bubble writing effect. I definitely recommend that you watch the brief video if my explanation doesn’t make much sense!

I already posted about one of my journal pages from this week: my Little Houses, based on Caatje’s work at Caatje’s Artsy Stuff.

On the other side of the spread, I played around with some watercolors, but haven’t done anything with that page yet:

On another page where I had played around with watercolor swirls, I wrote a brief journal entry about “beginner’s luck”, but have left the other side blank so far:

I also started my May calendar page, recording my creative endeavors each day. I think I’ll wait to save that to share when it’s filled.

Thanks for taking a look at my art journaling progress this week!


Desiree said...

phew girl! I am glad you got through that week! and so hope this one is better! It always seems to happen that way, it is never just one thing! All the pages are great, I love the little house a lot. Paula s great inspiration! :D cannot wait to see your creative endeavors everyday!

Andria said...

Thanks, Desi! Made it through with a smile, in spite of it all!

Parabolic Muse said...

Great colors on the Motherhood pages. The picture is so much a part of it that I thought you'd drawn it. I LOVE those housies! (and the quote)

Great dedication to your journal and your progress, Andria. Thanks for sharing these pages. It reminds me how important it is to keep up with my journal.

Andria said...

I'll have to shape up my drawing skills to manage something like that, Chris!