Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Swap!

In the interest of my theme for the year, Begin, I made a fun and spontaneous decision last night to enter my first art swap.

One of my favorite bloggers, iHanna, is hosting her second annual Postcard Swap,and I signed up yesterday. To participate, I will create ten postcards. They can be collaged and painted and embellished, made from photographs or fabric or existing postcards that have been altered, drawn or scrapbooked or sewn. As long as they’re postcards, they’re eligible to be swapped! Once they are mailed (by April 8), I can expect to receive ten postcards from other participants.

The fun comes both from challenging myself to create the ten postcards on a deadline, and from receiving “free” art pieces from creators from all over the world! (Hanna, the organizer, lives in Sweden.)

I am very excited to participate, and would like to invite you to join in too, if you are interested. You can click here if you would like to sign up, or just read more about the swap.

I will keep you posted on my postcard creations!


Anne said...

I checked out iHanna's blog and liked the paper weaving --guess it appeals to my quilting interests. Good luck on your postcards. How fun to receive some international creativity! Will you post yours as you complete them?

Andria said...

We'll see...maybe once they're all done! :-)