Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Back on Track

Do you ever have those days that you just wish would be OVER? They are so off-track that you are pretty sure the only solution is to give up and start over tomorrow? That’s the sort of day I’m having today. When the clock read only 7:30 a.m., I had already yelled at my daughters, and they were engaged in a “cry-off,” competing for loudest sobs. Instead of a "hello," Katy had begun the day fussing that she didn’t want her sister’s “lovies” in the room when we came in to get her out of bed. Then Bayla wanted milk, but not in THAT cup. Then Katy wanted a red outline of her handprint, but not with THAT red crayon. It was all just ridiculous. I quickly determined that trying to please them was not the path to success this day, so I changed directions completely. While Bayla ate her breakfast and Katy watched with interest, I pulled out my paper and paints, and set to creating background papers for my journal. The paint calmed me and calmed Katy, and breakfast calmed Bayla. By 8 a.m., I thought our day was back on track, thanks to a little Art Time for Mommy.

Of course, real life is never so simple and neat as that, and there have been plenty more rough spots today, even though it’s only noon. But every little step towards peace and getting back on track helps until I can start over again tomorrow!

Here are some of the papers I painted to use as backgrounds in my journal:

Here is an example of what a background paper might look like in a finished journal entry. (I made this entry on the first day of this month.):

And here is my journal entry from yesterday (cut off at the bottom), which reflects how I continue to feel today!:

So how do YOU do it? How do you get the day back on track, or just get through a day that you wish would END now, even though there are hours left to get through? (I have the feeling I'll need some more strategies to make it to 10 o'clock!)


Christina said...

I'm not nearly as creative as you when I need to "start over"... But I am also not home/child-bound either, which is probably why I head out to find me a grande non-fat vanilla latte... the caffeine reinvigorates, the vanilla soothes, and the break of finding, getting, and sipping the coffee is my method of trying to create a "do over"... Alternately, if I'm at home and caffeine is not the needed remedy, I will hole-up and lose myself in my latest library book... which inevitably leads to a cozy nap under the blanket... Not so much a "do over" move as an "i quit" move, and I know how precious it is that I am able to do that. Not as precious as being a mommy to your two lovely girls, but until I rise to THAT challenge, I gladly accept my modes of escape. ;)

theresa said...

(first, have to say you're a lovely artist, Andria! I had no idea, you've been holding out on us)

I feel like the entire month of January was one big long stretch of needing to get back on track. Somewhere around the 20th, after a horrible, no good day where each of us was yelling at the others, I said to C that we needed to all hit the "reset" button. We spent the next day (sat) pretty much all in our pj's, playing board games and coloring. It helped, but what I'm really holding out for is the first day we can all go outside and play tag; I think we're all suffering from seasonal affective disorder this winter.

Andria said...

I made it through the day! The second half ended up being MUCH better than the first half, thank goodness. Christina, coffee is still my go-to escape, too, though mine is just Eight O'Clock brand decaf; yours sounds lovely! Theresa, I love the idea of pressing a "reset" button to get back on track. It is definitely tough to not even be able to walk outside on the grass. Can't wait for this ridiculous snow to melt!

Anonymous said...

Journal pages are wonderful creative outburts--your journal page illustrates a polite but also devious person, that is hard to believe comes from same person as snake draft preventer, keep those creative energies flowing, would love to see it blossom in your writing...

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