Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Greatest Creative Act of All

My sister told me (only half-jokingly, I think) that she would become a Follower of my blog if I featured her in a post. She earned her place today with a creative act that trumps all others. It’s not her talent for writing, or painting, or public speaking, but the ultimate example of assemblage art: My sister and brother-in-law welcomed twin boys into the world this morning—little Nikhil Philip and Kiran Wayne. At 5 pounds 9 ounces and 6 pounds 15 ounces respectively, the boys seem to be doing well, though Kiran is getting a little extra supervision for his breathing in a transition room at the hospital. My sister has spent 37 weeks carrying two children inside of her body, giving them the safety and nutrition they needed to become residents of this world outside the womb. So, today, in this very brief post, I celebrate the greatest act of creativity of all: childbirth!


Christina said...

Oh, that is wonderful!! And what wonderful names, too!!! Oh, I am so happy for her, and for her little ones!! And for Auntie Andria, too!! ;)

Genie said...

Such wonderful news! Praise God that those precious little ones seem to be doing well. What exciting days are ahead.

Andria said...

Thank you for your well wishes! This has been such an exciting time for her, and I am looking forward to meeting my little nephews. I've only seen one photo so far!