Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another shot at blogging

I tried blogging for a couple of weeks over a year ago, but stopped because I didn’t really have time to keep it up. So why, now that I have TWO children to take care of, do I imagine that I have time to keep it up now? Well, I don’t know for sure that I can, but I have the urge to try. And I learned a few lessons in the interim that may help me sustain the practice. First, I learned that it is simply NOT necessary to write an entry every day. (Impossible, anyway!) Second, I learned that everyone else is not, in fact, writing masterpieces for me to compete with. (And that this is not a competition anyway!) Third, I learned that I have to maintain the blog for myself, not with any big expectation that I will draw a wide audience. (If that were to be my expectation, then I would quickly become sorely disappointed!) So, in short, I’m BA-AAA-AACK!

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