Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The title is the hardest part

I'm not sure that I can come up with a title for every blog post! It's fun to have people stopping by and checking out my blog. At first, the setting I had it on prevented people from posting comments unless they signed in with a Google ID and password (annoying!), but I think I "fixed" it so anyone can comment.

The Katy Report: Though Katy is only three months old, she is wearing clothing that is for 6 and 9 month babies. The fact that some of her clothing says "3 to 6 months", some says "6 months", some says "6 to 9 months", and some says "9 months" (and some items with those same labels DON'T fit her) shows that the baby-clothing industry suffers from a severe lack of sizing consistency. There is nothing worse than getting her completely dressed and then having to take it all off again because it's too snug to be comfortable. I feel so cruel starting over with a whole new outfit. (Winter clothing takes some effort to get on and off a little squirmy baby!)

Wellness Wednesday: Since I've decided that each weekday should have some alliterative element (check out Mom-Tip Monday and Tasty Tuesday, then come back tomorrow for Thoughtful Thursday), I'll reserve Wednesdays for some tip or information related to health, exercise, diet, etc. Have you noticed that no one exercises to lose weight anymore? The "correct" thing to say is that you are trying to develop "a more healthy lifestyle." Well, I want to lose weight! I've been gravitating toward magazine articles that highlight exercise and diet information because of my status as a post-partum woman. I've read that there are 5 pounds that a woman just never loses of her pregnancy weight. Not only am I currently saddled with those 5 pounds, but I've also managed to pick up another extra 15 or 20 pounds since I was in my early 20s!

Just about every diet and exercise article I read begins with the instruction, "Keep a log of everything you eat." One article claimed that I could lose some weight just by keeping the log, even if I did no additional exercise. I guess that being accountable for every bite keeps you from some of the emptier, more ridiculously fattening snacks. The only problem is: I am completely incapable of keeping the log! As much as like diaries and journals and lists, I cannot bring myself to keep a log of the food I eat. (I also rebelled a little against the "wet/poopy diaper log "and the "time/amount eaten log" in Katy's earliest days! They strike me as a similar issue, whatever it might be.) So I offer a Wednesday Wellness tip that I am completely unable to make use of myself: If you are working on developing "a more healthy lifestyle," keep track of what you eat...if you can!

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daisy said...

It's not only the baby industry that has a "severe lack of sizing consistency." How else to explain the three sizes of clothing in my closet that all fit perfectly!